CrossFit Surmount – CrossFit

Metcon (Time)

3 rounds

• 20 DB/KB/ Odd object Snatch

• 15 Burpees facing DB

Rest 2 mins

3 rounds

• 20 Cal or 200m run

• 12 Strict HSPU

Rest 2mins

2 rounds

• 30 DB/KB/ Odd object Snatch

• 20 Burpees

• 30 Row or 300m run

• 20 Strict HSPU
The switch back couplet

We are back with the “switch back” couplet today. Where we see the movement combinations switch back

and forth over three variations. Today we are more so going to be back and forth between anaerobic and

aerobic threshold state. We are looking for athletes to move hard holding a consistent pace through the

reps, resting only if necessary in transition. Rounds will be fast and reps should be efficient.

H: Metcon (Time)

5 rounds for time of

Run 400 meters

50 squats

rest 2 min

5 rounds for time of

Run 200 meters

30 jumping lunges
If you can’t run here are some modifications:

– Row 400-500m

– Bike 1000m