With so many great things to say about CrossFit Surmount the most important points to hit on are the superb coaching and the wide variety of workouts offered every day. The owner and head coach, Paul, is an extremely knowledgable and motivating person to have there coaching most of the sessions. With him there watching over each session it’s like having your own personal fitness coach. The second thing I want to comment on is the wonderful variety that comes with each workout. Prior to joining CrossFit Surmount, whenever I would exercise I would do the exact same weightlifting routine everyday for months on end. Needless to say it got boring and became a chore to work out all the time. The opposite is true here at CrossFit Surmount! Each and every day is something completely different and uniquely structured by Paul to maximize the full-body benefit. It makes working out so much fun that you just can’t wait to show up for the next session!