Does a bear crawl in the woods?

Does a bear crawl in the woods?

WOD for Tuesday, October 22

WODs at 6, 8:30, & 11:45 am and 4, 5:15, & 6:30 pm
Boot Camps at 6 & 7 am

Barbells for Boobs fundraiser for breast cancer awareness will be held at CFS Saturday, November 9. Click here for details.

Low bar back squat
Establish 1RM

Take up to 25 minutes to establish new 1RM. Focus on form. Rest 2 to 3 minutes between reps (when the weight begins to feel heavy). Never merely attempt to match previous 1RM. Use incremental weights as needed. Have fun!

EMOTM for 7 minutes
Complete 1 press, push press, and push jerk from behind the neck @ 50 to 60% of press 1RM and then complete maximum number of burpees in remaining minute

Score = number of burpees

The coaches will review proper form and execution of behind the neck press, push press, and push jerk. Unless an injury prevents you from doing so, clean the bar from the floor and place on shoulders behind the neck. When you’ve completed the press, push press, and push jerk, bring the bar to the front of the shoulders, mid-thigh, and then return the bar to the floor.