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We last completed this workout February 9.

Bear Complex (Weight)

Complete 5 rounds of 7 reps of the following, increased the weight each round working up to the maximum weight possible.

— Power Clean

— Front Squat

— Push Press

— Back Squat

— Push Press
There are no time constraints. Be sure to rest between reps and rounds.

While there are many ways to complete this complex, the focus is on executing proper form. Thus, you must complete a power clean, ensuring that you stand up to full extension. Once you do so, complete a front squat. Again, stand up to full extension before completing push press. In other words, you may not complete a full squat clean and thruster instead of a power clean, front squat, and push press.

Lower and rest the barbell on your back and complete a back squat. Push press the bar from the back rack position, bring to shoulders, hips, and then floor to complete the rep. You may remove your hands from the bar and rest briefly before completing the next rep, i.e., (as noted above) you may rest between both reps and rounds.