First, tell us a little bit about yourself. What are your interests outside of CrossFit?

I am a mother of two amazing rambunctious, crazy boys (Caden is 10 and Colton is five), and a wife to an incredible husband.  I work at Cisco and have been there for 14 years and have had the opportunity to reinvent myself a few times.  Currently I am focused on People and Culture and I do travel lots which makes it challenging to keep on program (workouts and nutrition).  I love spending time with my family – I feel like the older I get, it’s them who grounds me and where I’m happiest.  We love to entertain, cook, travel and spend time with family and friends.

How and why did you get involved in CrossFit?

Of course I had heard of CrossFit and had friends that did it.  But I never thought I could – in my mind, this was for elite athletes.  It was only when my Boxing trainer suggested I do CrossFit for a cross-training.  So in addition to boxing training three days a week, I also did CrossFit three days a week.  I quickly saw how people get “hooked”.

What was the first workout that you completed?

Good question!  I don’t remember the whole thing, but I do remember a run being involved. I was told to run down to the gray house and turn around – well… it was dark and all the houses looked gray, so I kept running.  I finally made it back to CFS as Nick was on his way out to look for me.  That was embarrassing.

What are your current and future training goals?

I have MANY!  I would love to get toes to bar and then proper pull up.  Upper body strength is a challenge for me.  I also would like to compete both individually and as a team (and if I can talk Tony into it, a couples competition J). 

What is your favorite activity or lift, e.g., pull-ups, dead-lifts, running, front squats, snatches, burpees, etc.?

I LOVE dead-lifts and back squats.   I am also starting to love double-unders.    Once I got a double-under, I just wanted more.  As I watch athletes that have du’s, it’s so fun to watch.

What is your least favorite activity or lift?

Hmmm, this is a tough question – maybe it’s a handstand push-up.  Oh… and then there is the snatch – not my favorite.

What PR are you most proud of achieving and why?

240lbs deadlift – I never thought I could lift that much after 10 months of starting CF.  And just like all others, technique has everything to do with it.  I’m still blown away on how many other muscles are used in a lift. 

I am also super proud of climbing the rope, I never thought that was something I could do.  I still haven’t perfected the gracefulness of the rope climb, but I’m working on channeling my inner ninja.

What do you enjoy more, strength or conditioning and why?

I used to be a runner and now that it’s not my main focus it’s gotten SOOOO much harder, overall conditioning is a challenge.  I know it’s critical and I know I need it.  It’s not my favorite to do, but it’s my favorite when I finish. 

I naturally love lifting – on a good day when I reach a new PR, I feel SOOOO strong and confident.  On the days I’m not so strong, it’s a good reminder that those days are just as important and to embrace them. 

Favorite food(s)?

I love all different types of food; Indian, Thai, Indonesian, Mexican.  And when I’m not treating myself to one of those, I really do love more fresh foods; vegetables, chicken (California cuisine).  

What are 3 fun facts about you?

  1. I attended The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC (I acting in local commercials and a show in San Francisco).
  2. I met my husband in a bar in California and within a couple hours we realized I worked for his ex-wife.
  3. I have been known to back-up sing for a local band in California.