First, tell us a little bit about yourself. What are your interests outside of CrossFit? 

Dogs/Animals, Live Music, Learning, Running, Reading (fiction, yes,  but more non-fiction about psychology – a missed opportunity in college), Travel, Craft Beer, and Real Estate.

How and why did you get involved in CrossFit?

I have been an avid gym goer since college, but needed something more and while personal training was effective, it was way too expensive on a daily basis. I had no problem showing up at the gym, I needed something to get me out of my comfort zone. Plue I saw a dear friend of mine who needed a push off the couch and so I found a place closer to her than me, giving her no excuse! It worked!

What was the first workout that you completed? What do you remember most about the workout?

I do not remember what it was! I started with Boot Camp, and was eager to get to the hard stuff. I can tell you what my first impression was, Felicia (hadn’t met her yet) running out and back into the box with a huge plate over her head and someone (probably Paul) yelling at her to keep her arms straight or something like that. I thought, yeah, I need that! I also remember at the begining the warm ups tiring me out before the WOD even began. Not anymore!

What are your current and future training goals? 

Current are to get better at body weight movements. I can do a pull-up or two, but not well. I still suck at pushups, and ring dips seem impossible. I would like to master those things as well as some more of the gymnastic aspects more than lifting really heavy shit.

What is your favorite workout, e.g., pull-ups, dead-lifts, running, burpees, etc.?

I like sumo dead lift high pulls and really anything with back and shoulders. I like thrusters, I like bent over rows. I hate but like but hate pulls-ups. Running and burpees and lateral bar hops I am good at, but they really take it out of me from a cardiovascular aspect (which I also want to improve). And of course the dreaded double unders. I love them when I have them!

What is your least favorite workout, e.g., pushups, front squats, rope climbs, etc.?

Pushups, handstand pushups, ring dips, and box jumps still terrify me a bit.

What is your favorite lift?

Sumo Deadlift

What is your least favorite lift?

Snatch or overhead squat

What PR are you most proud of achieving?

Unassisted pull-up

What do you enjoy more, strength or conditioning?


Do you eat Paleo/Zone?

Vegetarian, whole foods as much as possible. pretty much just eating salad, fruit and eggs right now on this challenge.

What are 3 fun facts about yourself?

I hate this type of question. Is that a fun fact? I volunteer (3 years and counting) at a dog rescue. I have been vegetarian since 1995. I am told that I have the mouth of a sailor. I’m told this a lot.