First, tell us a little bit about yourself. What are your interests outside of CrossFit?

Outside of the gym, my two little ones keep me pretty busy — and Higgins, our pug! I’m pretty certain he is the biggest baby of the house, and is certainly the most spoiled. I love college sports, love to be outside doing anything, for example running, boating, and lying my butt in the sand! Those that know me well, or have ever worked out with me, know I have a little bit of a type A personality, which helps with my scrapbook hobby!

How and why did you get involved in CrossFit?

I started with Bootcamp about six months after I gave birth to Adam. I was a loyal globo gym member, had a trainer, took pilates at a local studio, and ran. However, I like to really be pushed and challenged, and felt like I needed a change. I was just bored with my usual routine, and apparently needed something that would make my legs so sore that I fall down the stairs occasionally. (Yes, that has happened.)

What was the first workout that you completed? What do you remember most about the workout?

I remember the very first night I attended actual CrossFit after crossing over from Bootcamp. Not sure what the metcon was, but the strength cycle was back squats. I was very nervous and intimidated when I got there. I knew no one in class, other than Paul. Paul quickly paired me with Lauren C. because of her good form. OMG! I think I back squatted the bar, and Lauren just kept adding more and more weights. I quickly ran home and told my husband that I thought I made a big mistake signing up! Ha, ha! It pretty much scared me away from 6:15pm for a long time!

What are your current and future training goals?

My current goals are to continue working out as well as I can over the next 6 months as this baby bump grows. Once baby #3 makes its debut, my first goal is to get back to where I was pre-baby.

What is your favorite activity or lift, e.g., pull-ups, dead-lifts, running, front squats, snatches, burpees, etc.?

Anything hanging from the bar, running, burpees, and overhead lifts.

What is your least favorite activity or lift?

Deadlifts, front squats, wall balls, and rowing.

What PR are you most proud of achieving and why?

My most exciting PR was definitely when I got strict muscle ups! I felt like that was never going to happen! I also got very excited when I power jerked 108 pounds. That was more than I weighed (at the time), so I was proud that I was able to push that weight overhead!

What do you enjoy more, strength or conditioning and why?

Conditioning. Is anyone surprised? I love anything fast and all out. I hated the strength cycles for probably the first year at CFS. Now, I love them almost as much as conditioning! I think it just took me improving my form to love the lifts.

Do you eat Paleo/Zone?

I did the Lurong challenge three times, and have seen the great benefits! However, I I struggle sticking with it. I love junk food. I love candy. I love chips. I love sweet tea. It’s terrible. Plus, I hate to cook, which makes the Lurong challenge hard! Thankfully, my husband, Gordon, is our cook, or I would never eat real meals at home.

What are 3 fun facts about yourself?

  1. I grew up hunting and fishing — a total country girl.
  2. Before babies, I bartended part time at the hockey arena. I was there the night they won the Stanley Cup. I poured cocktails into the cup for players to drink out of and got to celebrate with the Carolina Hurricanes and their celebrity friends! It was surely a night to remember!
  3. I used to hate running! I was on the track team in high school, (because it was a social event) and would literally try to hide before events so I didn’t actually have to run them. I didn’t start enjoying running until I was an adult. After each baby, my pace got faster, and now I love it!