First, tell us a little bit about yourself. What are your interests outside of CrossFit?

Where to start, without boring you! I am originally from Ohio, and graduated from Ohio State. I am a HUGE Ohio State fan. I also root for the Browns but we don’t talk about that 😉 I lived in San Francisco after college, relocated to NC and never looked back. I am a Director of Talent Acquisition – what is that? Good question! – I manage a team of 30 people that recruit for Engineering/Operations/IT/Professional positions for a high tech semi-conductor company that makes capital manufacturing machines that produce micro-chips for Apple/Samsung/Intel. Is your head spinning yet? There is not a ton of time for much else, outside of travel with work and CrossFit. In my free time, I love being active, spending time with my dog Clyde (80lb American Bulldog), trying new restaurants & wines, cooking (I grew up in the restaurant business so I am a lover of food and wine), and listening to live music.

How and why did you get involved in CrossFit?

I have always loved working out but was NEVER consistent before CrossFit. I went through personal trainers, different gyms, yoga and running spurts (yes I used to actually run on my own without whining about it), but was never satiated. Nearly 6 years ago I received a call from an old co-worker who said he was opening a box and inviting friends to try it out. I fell in love with it, and shortly thereafter I became one of the founding members at the new CrossFit Surmount. Work & life had sucked me in to a bad routine and I was about 6 sizes bigger than I am now so this was a great way to get back at it.

What was the first workout that you completed?

I could try to make one up but it was SO long ago that all that I can recall is that it was foundations and I am 100% positive that it included a green, purple, and red band, the matador, and a few other things that hurt my feelings.

What are your current and future training goals?

My background and passion is gymnastics. Although after 5+ years of training and competitions I haven’t yet been able to lock out at the top of the rings for a Muscle Up, but I will humbly continue to try J I would love to get a gymnastics certification at some point. I also want to continue to improve my barbell lifts and challenge myself to work on/improve my endurance.

What is your favorite activity or lift, e.g., pull-ups, dead-lifts, running, front squats, snatches, burpees, etc.?

Handstand walks and anything on the bar!! Clean & Jerk …. Let’s just make this easy….. gymnastics and barbell J NOT RUNNING

What is your least favorite activity or lift?

Oh ha, running. And burpees. I really suck at them.

What PR are you most proud of achieving and why?

This one is tough because we push ourselves SO hard every day. Honestly, this last year completing Murph Rx was a huge achievement. Body weight movements and running combined make me want to cry, so that one (w/weight vest) was a tough one for me to finally conquer.

What do you enjoy more, strength or conditioning and why?

Hmm this is tough….j/k….I like Olympic lifting. A. Lot.

Favorite food(s)?

Pho (I love soups), Korean, Mexican, Sushi, seafood, veggies, steaks, etc. There isn’t much I don’t like or am willing to try – it is the experience I enjoy most.

What are 3 fun facts about yourself?

1.       I was an elite gymnast by the time I was 10 but quit because I knew I would never make it to the Olympics and wanted to try other things. (Practices were 4 hours a day, 4 days a week).  

2.       After gymnastics I auditioned for and made the Children’s Choir with the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music where I was in La Boheme, an Opera, and had an opportunity to sing the National Anthem at two Cincinnati Reds games.

3.       My parents owned an upscale steakhouse, and I was in the restaurant business/fine dining for over 10 years in Ohio, San Francisco (wine country) and NC. Mostly as a server, but I did Wedding and Event Coordination here in NC for a couple of years.