Thanks to all of you who participated in yesterday’s Grand Opening WOD! It was fun. Any WOD that includes burpees is fun. Any WOD that includes 6-count burpees is that much more fun.

Today’s focus will be on improving hang clean form. After warming up, we’ll spend about 20 minutes working on form and working up to a set of 3 reps. Fast elbows, everyone!

There will be many options for the conditioning workout, as you may complete the workout as an individual, with a partner, or as a member of a team of 3. The posted reps refer to individual, partner, and team, respectively.

50/100/150 1-armed KB swings
50/100/150 chin-ups
50/100/150 V-ups
Run 800m/1600m/2400m
400m partner carry (Everyone must carry and be carried a minimum of 100m. If you’re completing as an individual, you have to find someone to carry – and find someone to carry you!)

You may complete the activities in any order. In addition, you need not complete any activity before beginning to chip away at another activity.

For example, a team of 3 might choose to begin with a 200m partner carry, have each member complete 10 chin-ups, 10 KB swings, and each member run 400m. Make sense? Mull on it.