I grew up playing all kinds of sports. I played basketball in college and have competed on various sports teams as an adult. A little over a year ago I found myself at a bit of a crossroads in my life. My personal life had changed dramatically, I had just moved to Apex, and I was starting a new job. All things new, but I was missing my “go to,” my de-stresser, a physical outlet to keep me sane. I missed being part of a team. I missed being around like minded people, who truly enjoy physical fitness. I was bored out of my mind with my own workout routine (lifting weights and running). When I heard that CrossFit Surmount was opening, and being opened by two great people, I couldn’t contain my excitement! I had tried other CrossFit gyms, but felt like I was pushed to the back of the room. I was ignored because I was a “newbie.” Not at CrossFit Surmount! From day one, the coaching and welcoming attitude has been incredible! I was immediately convinced that this was my new “home away from home.” My outlet is back and I have made some amazing Surmountie friends. I am thankful for coaches who pay attention to detail, and don’t just look at me as another member. I’m so thankful for CrossFit Surmount! My sanity is, too.