WOD for Saturday, June 15

WODs at 8:45 & 10 am
FREE Community WOD from 11 to 11:45 am

Thank you all for your continued patience as new members join the CFS Community and as more and more athletes attend early morning Boot Camps. There have been upwards of 25 athletes in the box some weekday mornings, and everyone has been very nice about sharing not only space but equipment. I’m placing an order for more jumps ropes, kettle bells, and dumbbells. Let me know if there is anything else you’d like for me to purchase and I’ll see what I can do.

Many athletes are transitioning from Boot Camp to daily WODs, and what an easy transition this is. As many of you know, Boot Campers tackle a skill a session and then practice that skill during the workout. For example, dead-lifting was one of the skills Boot Campers recently tackled, and the workout was 20-18-16…6-4-2 suitcase dead-lifts with a 200m run between sets. That’s much dead-lifting and much running! I continue to be impressed with Boot Campers, and I marvel at all they are able to achieve.

And I continue to marvel at all that you are able to achieve. One of our members recently informed me that a fellow CrossFitter who’s a member of a local box commented, “You all are too hardcore for me.” That made me laugh, as I don’t at all consider the programming hardcore. Difficult? Yes, sometimes. Challenging? Yes, most of the time. Fun? Yes, all of the time! And you all are what make coaching at CFS so much fun! All of you and beer.

3 sets of 3 reps @ 70, 80, & 85% of 1RM

This is going to be quite challenging, as this is a rep scheme that is new to many of you. Do not remove your hands between the 2nd and 3rd reps. Not only remove your hands but rest between sets of 3 reps and between sets @ 70, 80, & 85%. Partner with someone who’s lifting the same or about the same weight, and try to move quickly, as this is going to take some time.

12-minutes total
7-min AMRAP
14 V-ups (use a yoga mat, yo)
14 KB or DB squats 
7 per leg (14 total) lunges (forward and/or reverse) holding KB or DB
5-min AMRAP

Sounds fun, doesn’t it? For V-ups, keep your knees locked as you (attempt to) touch your toes. You may hold KBs or DBs with palms rotated inward toward your ears or with palms facing forward. Avoid letting the KB or DB touch the floor when completed lunges.

For an added challenge, touch a pull-up bar or rings that are positioned 6″ above your fully extended fingers when completing burpees.