What a busy week that wrapped up at CFS! We had SFH on Monday, and you got to try some great recovery and strength products, so many great PRs and improvements on your lifts during our re-test week, then an amazing Barbells for Boobs event Saturday, and then several athletes kicked off the 28 Day Nutrition Challenge on Sunday!

As for Barbells for Boobs, congrats to everyone who raised money, donated, and completed the workouts.  We wrap up having raised $2,250!!! We beat our goal of $2,000, and that provides mammograms and help to over 20 people! And it earned us a cool banner for the gym! Truly impressive turnout and support, as usual, from our awesome community!  For those wondering, if you didn’t see, the total “change” collected was $204. So Meredith and I did all those burpees, and…. Meredith crushed me by about 2 minutes in getting those done.  I am feeling those burpees today for sure, but definitely worth it for a great cause!

Just in time for the holidays, we’ll have hoodies and long sleeve shirts available soon. And speaking of the holidays, our annual holiday event will have details announced soon as well.

Our monthly challenge of most meters  miles run is certainly going well. I have seen we have some big distances going already.  Remember these miles must be down at the box, and not as part of a metcon.  Try to keep up with Craig…he completed a marathon so far on day 12!

Thanks to Coach Laurie’s organization and planning, we donated a car full of cereal to the Western Wake Ministry. Thanks to all who donated, it makes a difference!

This week, you’ll notice some of our workouts won’t have prescribed weights on them. You will get some guidance on what we’re looking for from your coaches, but it’s a chance to step away from the numbers, and do what challenges you, not what you think you need to do.  If you feel like you crushed it, you challenged yourself, then click that RX button! Just a different way this week of thinking at our workouts after a week of number crunching going after PRs. Every day doesn’t have to be a PR day. And the longer your CrossFit, the harder those PRs become.

Coach Heather will be leading a seminar entitled, “Diastis Recti: What it is and how to fix it”, on December 3rd from 2-4 pm.  Due to pregnancy or excessive belly fat, the reclusive ab muscles (6 pack muscles) can separate connective tissues and become weak.  If not healed, this can lead to a weakened core, hernias, and low back and hip pain, and the “mommy tummy” in women.  This workshop will help to identify if you have DR, exercises to avoid it, exercises to heal it, and other techniques and devices to strengthen your core.  We have had tremendous response already for this, and space will fill up fast. Sign-ups will be at the box soon, spread the word.  The cost for this is $25 for members, and $35 for non-members. We’ll have a sign up soon to pre-register.

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This week….


  • Thruster weightlifting combo movement; squat and lunge metcon


  • Ring dips, v-ups, and a jump rope metcon followed by accessory work for all


  • EMOM day – 2 good ones with push-ups, wall balls, and ring rows


  • Rope climbs with dumbbells, wear those long pants or high socks


  • Barbell work in a tough metcon: deadlifts, power cleans, and shoulder to overheads


  • 3 person teams, farmer’s work


  • Endurance Sunday: A Hero Wod so epic, I had to cut it in half – lots of burpees!