WOD for Monday, September 9

WODs at 6, 8:30, & 11:45 am and 4, 5:15, & 6:30 pm
Boot Camp at 8:30 am

CFS was well represented at the Throwdown in the Triangle! In addition to Coaches Paul & Jeff, Michelle H. also judged. Evelyn, Jay, and Tom H. volunteered BOTH days. Many CFS members visited as spectators. Thank you all for your continued support!

A special thanks to Coach Jeff for leading both the CFS and Community WODs this past Saturday!

5 @ 60, 65, & 70% or 1RM

It’s de-load week for the clean. Enjoy.

Death by Overhead Squats (95/63)

With a continuously running clock complete 1 OHS (@ 65 of 1RM) the 1st minute, 2 OHS the 2nd minute, 3 OHS the 3rd minute, etc., continuing as long as you are able to complete required reps within the minute.

As can be expected, the bar will start from the floor. You may clean & jerk (or press, push-press, or split-jerk) or snatch the bar overhead. When completing the OHS, imagine that the barbell is a sturdy branch that you’re trying to break in half. Armpits forward, elbowpits (not a real word) to the ceiling.

Complete OHS at 55-65% of 1RM if you are unable to complete at the prescribed weight.

If you’d like an added challenge, complete maximum number of slam balls during remainder of minute. However, if you choose this challenge you must continue to complete slam balls for the duration of the workout.