What a week at CFS! Some amazing PRs from so many of you. I saw in person, and saw on the whiteboard, quite impressive gains and numbers put up.  Well done!  Remember though, that if you didn’t get a PR, it’s just one day. Look back at maybe why you didn’t get a PR….Perhaps a bad night’s rest, poor diet the day or morning before, maybe you missed a week of training, or maybe you just didn’t have it that day.  For me personally, I was shooting so hard for my 400# deadlift. But unfortunately, just couldn’t get there this time around.  Disappointed, yes, but it will also give me motivation to keep pushing towards that goal even harder.  This week we will recover a bit with some met-cons and skill building before starting a new strength cycle, then pick up a new cycle the following week.  That will focus on full squat snatches, handstand work, and muscle-ups.

The big news though, is this weekend coming up is our GRAND RE-OPENING!  Details below.  This week as you come in, you’ll start to get some sneak peaks of the changings to be completely unveiled Saturday. Hope to see you and all your friends and family there.

Save the Dates:

  • Grand Re-Opening on May 20th – 8:30 will be a regular class, 9:45 will be a free community WOD (both classes will be the same workout), and then the festivities will begin.  We’ll unveil the new logo, have new shirts, tanks, and magnets available, a refreshed interior, Buoy Bowls onsite, Vicious Fishes Brewery serving up drinks, games, lots of giveaways, food, and much more.  Currently we have the following prizes lined up: Kill Cliff mini fridge, Kill Cliff t-shirts, FIt Aid t-shirts, Perfect Bar t-shirts,  and CFS t-shirts just to name a few.  Tell all your friends and family to come check it out, at the very least, get some food.  New members that join that day or sign up for Foundations will also get a special discount, so if you know someone on the fence, get them in (and cash in on our referral program too).

  • Murph and BBQ on Memorial Day, May 29th – Workouts will begin at 8:30 and 9:45, with the party following the 9:45 session.  We’ll provide the main course (burgers, dogs, veggie burgers), you BYOB and a side/dessert to pass.  All are welcome, including family and friends..  Remember, there are many ways to scale Murph, and really anyone can do it!  Also, I have a new running path into Sweetwater that will allow us to run an out-and-back course to limit the monotony of 4x400s.  We are also an Official Host, thanks to Mike Allen for registering us.  Sign up if you’d like for a shirt, and a donation to the Murph Foundation. 


We also wanted to share with you results from our survey that we had out last month:

  • And, the results are in! 47 of you participated in our customer satisfaction survey and we THANK YOU!  We thank you for being completely honest…it’s the only way we will improve!  Our survey was created to give us an idea as to how we do with our Core Values: inclusivity, coaching professionalism and effectiveness, safety, program effectiveness, and HAVING FUN! These core values are what guide us to doing the best we can as owners, coaches, and friends! You’ve already started to see changes around the gym, and it will continue!   You will see a facelift in the gym as we prep for the Grand Re-opening and after that as well.  We have been putting our efforts in cleaning up the clutter and will continue to do so.  The kettlebell corner will be better organized and on shelves.  We will be getting a “front desk” on wheels in the niche, so we can better greet our visitors and to serve as the retail center for our new gear.  With a front desk also comes better utilization of paperwork and files.  This is more of a back-office type of thing, but by being organized on the back end it helps our coaches be able to run a more efficient class, especially when we have visitors. The Kids Corner area has been expanded with play mats and activities to keep your young ones busy doing your workout (rules for the Kids Corner will be posted soon).

    As far as equipment, more 15# plates are in!  New jump ropes were added last week as well, and a peg board this week.  We will be continuing to add equipment as we go forward.  When adding new equipment or upgrades, we will always look to what is best for our members’ growth.

    Mats that at times get loose and create gaps are being secured over the next two weeks with a lock-in system that will put this issue to bed once and for all.

    To further improve our great coaching, we are reintroducing our monthly coaches’ meeting and WOD where the coaches will brainstorm together, coach each other, and learn from one another on how to deliver the best possible coaching to all our members. 

    We will add more workshops for members in the coming months as well (i.e. pull-up clinic, hand stand push-ups, double under clinic, etc…


Remember our referral program: Effective immediately, anytime you bring a friend in to try out CrossFit Surmount, you get a Fit Aid or Kill Cliff from the fridge on the house!  Furthermore, should that person join, your next month’s membership will be discounted by 15%.  There’s no limit to how many drinks you can earn, and how many months of discounts you can earn either.  You love CrossFit Surmount, and it’s more fun with friends and family, so bring them in and reap the rewards. (Note: This program applies to new members only, not bringing in a former member, though we’d love to see them too)

Follow us on Instagram  @crossfit_surmount   And please request to join the CFS Members group on Facebook if you are not in the group yet.   Follow us there for great pictures, updates, and more!

This week….



  • Rope climb work – wear the right socks/pants, and a metcon with ring dips, burpees and overhead squats


  • 22 minute AMRAP with running, sit-ups (or GHDs), and shoulder to overheads


  • Double under work, then 3 – 5 minute metcons with back squats and box jumps


  • Clean and jerk ladder in a metcon


  • Benchmark Fridays return


  • Grand Opening WOD – Community WOD that is challenging for all, yet scalable for all as well, a great first glimpse at CrossFit


  • Muprh prep WOD #3



  • Front squat work, and a 14 minute AMRAP with kettlebells, plate burpees and jumping air squats


  • Power clean work, and a med ball clean descending ladder with runs thrown in there for fun