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WOD for Monday, May 20

WODs at 6, 7:15, 8:30 & 11:45 am and 5:15, 6:30, & 7:30 pm
Boot Camp at 8:30 am

Whaaaat? No high bar back squats today? We’re taking a 2-week break from Wendler. Last week we focused on establishing new 1RMs. As I repeatedly mentioned, after focusing on a 1RM I programmed a short, intense metcon.

Today is not a timed metcon. You read that correctly. It is, however, a benchmark WOD.

Benchmark WOD “Lynne”
5 Rounds
As Many Reps As Possible
Bodyweight bench press

As prescribed, pull-ups must be completed immediately after completing last rep of bench press. You may, however, rest between bench presses and pull-ups. You may always rest as long as you like between pull-ups and bench presses, although you must complete all work within the hour (including warm up).

Bench presses are bodyweight as prescribed for women. Many boxes scale the bench presses for women to 50% of bodyweight, and I chose to do so at CFS.

Your hands must remain on the bar for all rounds of pull-ups. You may use mixed grip, but may not complete any reps as chin-ups.

Your total score will be the number of bench presses and pull-ups.