The 2020 Open starts this week! I’m excited, hope you are too. If you’re still not sure what it is, or if you want to sign up, ask some one. It’s worth it, I promise! The fun starts in just 4 days!  

Thursday Night Lights at 8 pm this week kicks off the fun. We’ll watch the announcement of what the workout is at the box, then 8 athletes will complete it right away with everyone cheering in an electric atmosphere. Right now, myself and Sarah are signed up. Who else wants in on the fun?!?  Then Friday, everyone gets in on the fun, completing the work, scoring and judging our box mates, and of course cheering each other on. 

Our theme this week is “Battle of the Sexes”.  Who will prove to be the fitter group, the boys or the girls?  Let the trash talking begin, it’s welcomed!

We have 50 athletes as of tonight signed up… yes! That does mean there’s still a lot of you left to sign up, and you still have time.  

New this season, we are adding some community service to The Open format.  For those of you who want to retry a workout during the week, we will still allow that, but we will require a food donation to be made to the Western Wake Crisis Ministry.  So if you want to re-do a workout, just bring in a non-perishable food item to donate and you’re good! A collection area will be set up for that later this week.  

Did I mention already, register here:   

This week, programming wise for our back squats and push press we are in de-load week. That means we’ll be very light, and get some reps in to keep that muscle memory, but allow for recovery as well. Following week, we’ll go for 1 rep maxes!  Metcon wise, we’ll wait and see what 20.1 brings us to do on Friday! All classes will do that workout as programmed on Friday. 

Congrats to Mike Allen, Heather Cassese, Dave Bock, Karen Cseh, Jeff Hartman, Josh Hicks on completing the Ragnar Trail Carolinas race this weekend. Each ran just under 17 trail miles spread out in 3 legs. Lots of soreness tonight, but lots of fun as well.  I know personally I didn’t “train” specifically for this race, but CrossFit training had me prepared. This stuff works!

Our Men’s Softball team is 8-4 and heading into the last 2 weeks of the regular season in 2nd place, but the standings are tight! This week we play Monday at 8 pm at Hunter Street Park and Wednesday 7pm at Salem Middle.  

The September challenge wrapped up, and Jess won again! She’s crushing it, 2 months in a row. This month we won’t have a challenge in the sense of tallying reps, but the theme is compete in The Open and do random acts of kindness.  Don’t need to tally them or keep track, just spread the love this month, it’s contagious! 

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This week….
• Back squats de-load; ascending AMRAP of burpees and OHS

• Separate EMOMs of pull-ups and hang power cleans and toes to bar

• Clean and jerk complex; metcon of running, DB thrusters, and jump rope

• Push press de-loads; hero WOD with rope climbs

• 20.1! What will it be?

• TBD based on what Friday turns out to be

• Partner snatches, running, and farmer carries