We had a great turnout at Glory Days on Friday night for a little informal get together. Hope everyone who came had a good time and met some new members. We’ll try to do something similar every month going forward.  

This week, programming is a mix of transition week and test week. You’ll see some super-set tests and high volume, and we’ll start to push the pace a bit again after a de-load week.  Got some fun lifting complexes and also some we don’t do a lot of (Bulgarian split squat) that will keep things interesting.  Another Hero workout this week too, hope you all have been loving the weekly benchmark of some sort as much as I do. 

July’s challenge is Turkish get-ups. These are a great way to warm-up and cool down, or just a general strength builder.  Former coach James used to always warm-up with a set of TGU’s before each class.  Pick any weight that challenges you.  If you haven’t done them before, ask a coach to guide you through your first set.  

We are ordering custom CFS wrist wraps for those interested. They are the velcro style, and you can pick what color you’d like. Order at the front desk, $20 per pair.  We’re also putting in another order of shirts since many people expressed they would like one  that didn’t get in on the last order. They are the same design as the ones we got in May. Please put your name down on the sheets at the box at the front desk, order will go in shortly.   

CORE is underway and rocking! We got a full house of 16 athletes this cycle!   

The Ragnar Relay Trail race for October 5-6th outside of Charlotte is slowly getting closer. We almost have our team finalized, need 2 more women to join. Let me know ASAP if interested, it’s gonna be a blast!  

Maybe getting away for a weekend is tough, so I saw also upcoming is a 40 mile trail race that you can have anywhere between 1-10 teammates. It’s a 4 mile loop, and just in Chatham County. Here’s the info – https://www.shakori40ultra.com/ would love to have a team for that too.

Our Pre-teens class in on vacation until August, as Coach Mirka is in Europe for a bit. We finished this session with a great class on Sunday!  Our Thursday Kids class is on break as well. We’ll be back in August with some fun new exciting programming! 

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This week….
• Snatch complex; 10 minute AMRAP similar to 19.1

• Gymnastic mini-metcon; power clean and step-up longer metcon 

• Push press max out reps; EMOM of overhead squats and muscle-ups

• Hero WOD w/ double unders, kettlebells, burpees

• Bulgarian deadlifts; metcon w/ 2 miles of running and barbells in between

• Partner workout carrying some odd stuff

• Open workout re-test; DB bench press