CrossFit Surmount – CrossFit

Metcon (30 Rounds for time)

3 x 10 minute EMOM

First 10 minutes

Odd- 50 Double unders

Even- 20 Reverse lunges @ 35/20 lbs

Rest 3 minutes

Second 10 minutes

Odd- 20 S2O @ 35/20 lbs

Even- 20 Situps

Rest 3 minutes

Third 10 minutes

Odd- 10 Man makers @ 35/20 lbs

Even- 10 burpees
This Should be fun but really challenging. You can use

barbells if you’d like but keep the weight low. Each set on 10 minute

should be intense and the rest should stick around 10-15 seconds

(except possibly for the double unders if athletes are really good at

them). Adjust the reps as needed to work for about 45-50 seconds.

Each movement with the DBs is ideally done with 2 DBs but scale

down to 1 if necessary