Luke certainly does love Nicholas!

Luke certainly does love Nicholas!

WOD for Saturday, October 12

WODs at 8:30 & 9:45 am
FREE Community Workout from 11 to 11:45 am


  • October Second Saturday topic “Learning Styles” will be held TODAY (Saturday), October 12 from 12:15 to 1:15 pm. Click here for details and to RSVP. You must RSVP, as you will be required to complete an electronic questionnaire prior to attending.
  • Barbells for Boobs fundraiser for breast cancer awareness will be held at CFS Saturday, November 9. Click here for details.

That was quite a finisher.

Establish 5RM barbell bent over row

100 front squats (40-45% of 1RM)
EMOTM complete 2 forward rolls
10-min time cap
Rest 2 minutes (and “change” if applicable)
50 burpee pull-ups
EMOTM complete 2 KB swings (52/35)
10-min time cap

You will begin by completing 2 forward rolls and then completing as many front squats as you are able to complete in the remaining minute. At the top of each minute you’ll complete 2 forward rolls. Call “Time!” when you have completed the 100th front squat and rest the remainder of that minute (if applicable). Rest 2 full minutes and begin by completing 2 KB swings and then as many burpee pull-ups as you are able to complete in the remaining minute.

At the most, this workout will last 22 minutes. That’s 22 minutes of fun!