Coach Paul’s Weekly Update

Congratulations to Alex, Heather, Jaclyn, Brian, Jay, and Nick who competed in the Triangle Invitational! (As I’m composing this update prior to vacationing at Yosemite, I can going to assume that they did a spectacular job.)

Mascot Luke will be undergoing ACL surgery this Wednesday. Please keep him in your thoughts. He’ll have to be constrained for a couple or weeks, so you won’t see him at the box. I know that I’ll miss having him by my side! I sure to do that dog.

We enter the sixth week of the Lurong Living Championship Challenge. As we’ve done since the start of the Challenge, the WOD will be held Wednesday. We’re on the home stretch!

This is also deload week, so expect the weights to be light and the metcons to be fun.


  • Monday 
    • Hang power
    • PS and DU tabata
  • Tuesday 
    • Push press
    • Two, 10-min couplet ARMAPs
  • Wednesday 
    • Championship Challenge WOD 6
  • Thursday
    • Two, 12-min triplet AMRAPs
  • Friday
    • Sumo deadlift
    • Partner WOD
  • Saturday 
    • Back squats
    • Up & down couplet ladder
  • Sunday
    • Partner benchmark


  • Monday & Tuesday
    • Five, 3-minute rounds
  • Wednesday & Thursday
    • Running and wall balls