Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend. It was awesome to see everyone post about their fitness over the weekend, including a big group doing the Turkey Trot together. What a great community we have!

Our monthly challenge of most meters  miles run ends this week. It looked liked a two horse race for the top spot between Jaclyn and Craig, but also lots of people have put up some impressive miles, and that’s what it’s really about.

Shirt and hoodie order sheets are on the front desk, they are pre-order only, and orders are due by the end of the day Friday December 1st. I’ll have samples for the 3/4 length sleeves in this week to try on. I have a S and a L, they are unisex. Base your size off of that please.

Our holiday party is at the gym, on Saturday December 16th at 7 pm until….? Big Mike’s BBQ will be providing the main course (pulled pork), and we’ll provide some beverages (some canned beer and water). Please bring a dessert or side to share, and any other beverages you’d like to enjoy.  You are welcome to bring a guest, looking forward to a fun night! 

We have a little community service going on this month as well for the holiday season. This week we’ll have an Angel Tree up with gift tags to take. Each tag represents a child and their holiday wishes. Please take a tag if you’re able and would like to purchase a gift this year.

Lots of folks are competing this Saturday at CrossFit Coordinate in the 12 Days of Christmas Competition. If you have time, come out and cheer on your fellow athletes.

We have a new event planned for New Year’s Eve, a Donut Run!  On that Sunday, our 9:45 class will be a mile run, but with a twist. Each 400m starts with eating a donut.  Of course you can opt out of the donut, or opt out of the run too and just enjoy some donuts.  It’ll be a fun way to end our year before 2018 starts.  I’ll have an RSVP up for that soon so I can make sure we haven enough donuts on hand.

Coach Heather will be leading a seminar entitled, “Diastis Recti: What it is and how to fix it”, on December 3rd from 2-4 pm.  Due to pregnancy or excessive belly fat, the reclusive ab muscles (6 pack muscles) can separate connective tissues and become weak.  If not healed, this can lead to a weakened core, hernias, and low back and hip pain, and the “mommy tummy” in women.  This workshop will help to identify if you have DR, exercises to avoid it, exercises to heal it, and other techniques and devices to strengthen your core.  We have had tremendous response already for this, and space will fill up fast. Sign-ups will be at the box soon, spread the word.  The cost for this is $25 for members, and $35 for non-members. We’ll have a sign up soon to pre-register.

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This week….


  • Five, four minute workouts with deadlifts, pull-ups, and your choice of bike/row/run


  • Kettlebell swings and sit-ups; accessory work


  • Overhead squats and muscle-ups


  • 18 minute amrap of kettlebell swings, box jumps, and a run


  • Tabatas


  • 3 person teams, heavy barbell work


  • Endurance Sunday: 2 person partner workout of rowing and burpees