Turkey week is upon us! Time to give thanks for everything we have, and of course our health is always one of those. Give yourself the gift of health this week before the feast. And from me and everyone at CFS, thank you all for trusting us with your fitness and being one big family! Much love! 

Congratulations to our very own Coach Doza for completing a 100K row on Saturday. 62 miles! Truly an impressive feat of fitness and determination, and for a great cause. Well done, Doza!

Two weeks to go, then it is The One Ton Challenge!! December 7th, we’ll open at 8 am and get the lifting going at 9 am. Sign up now to reserve your spot. T-shirt and swag bag included in the $75 registration fee.  

This will be a high energy event/competition on December 7th at CFS. It will be one of the first ever at a CrossFit box. Hosted by Anders Varner, it’s your changes just to lift heavy all day and get strong!  6 lifts – back squat, snatch, clean, jerk, bench, and deadlift.  2 hours, get as heavy as you can. Prizes for the highest totals, as well as highest by body weight in each the male and female categories.  Registration is open at the front desk, and open to members from other gyms.  No need to register online, just sign up or let a coach know.  We won’t have classes that day. 

Even if you don’t think you can hit 2000 pounds, or 1200 for women, come try to set 6 PRs in one day! 

This week, programming we have some strength components mixed into some longer metcons, and some heavy back squats on Tuesday. Thursday we are closed, but we’ll post an at home WOD for you to do. Or find a local 5k to run, there are many formal and informal ones around. 

Hoodies should be in around December 5th. And we have an order form up now for CFS Joggers. They are unisex, and the size chart will be by the sign up sheet. Get some comfy sweats for the holidays! 

Our Men’s Softball finally gets to play the championship game after some weather delays. We play Monday night, 7 pm, at Hunter Street Park. A win, and we play right after at 8 pm for the crown! Would love to have a big crowd come cheer on our guys! 

Schedule this week:

Wednesday – no 6:30 pm CrossFit; Yoga moved up to 6:30 pm start

Thursday – closed

 Friday – no 6 or 7 am CrossFit classes

The Angel Tree is up, thank you to Jess W for her help on this and coordinating! The Angel Tree is where you can take a tag to donate gifts for kids and families in need. This will be our 4th year doing this, and it’s a great tradition of helping others at CFS.  The tags go quick, another testament to how great our community is!  Little different this year, there are bags to return your gifts in. Please follow the directions to make sure they are all received properly. 

Thanks to all who donated food as well to the Wake Crisis Ministry. Every little bit helped. 

A new month means a new challenge! November brings us RUNNING!  Add up the miles, and this time, at the box or at your home or on the trail. Anywhere you run counts! Just run! 

Lastly, some save the dates:

  • December 7th is The One Ton Challenge.  8 am doors open, no classes that day. Lifting starts at 9 am. Register now!
  • December 14th – Holiday Party! 7pm at Brewster’s. Adults only, bring a guest.

Follow us on Instagram @crossfit_surmount And please request to join the CFS Members group on Facebook if you are not in the group yet. Follow us there for great pictures, updates, and more!

This week….
• Long metcon of db squats, power cleans, toes to bar, and burpees; some ring work after for skill and strength

• Back squats; row/bike/ski and kb swing metcon

• Another high volume metcon of hang power snatches, wall balls, and double unders; then some turkish sit-up work

• Thanksgiving Day, closed. We’ll post an at home workout that day or run one of the many area Turkey Trots

• Back squat, a heavy set of 3, right into a metcon with bench press, box jump, and squat cleans

• Teams of 2, 22 minutes – starts with a mile run, then wall balls, pull-ups, and double unders

• Teams of 2, 22 minutes – dumbbell work, with max rope climbs to finish