What a great showing we had at the Susan G Komen Race for a cure. Loved seeing the pictures of everyone out to support such a great cause.
Also love seeing everyone dropping into other boxes while on work trips or vacation. It shows me your dedication, and also mostly your confidence that you know you can walk into any gym, and crush whatever is thrown out you from whoever it comes from.  And I always like to hear cool ideas that other gyms do.  Let me know about them. 
Coach James is heading to Brazil after an epic canoe ride to the coast. We won’t see him until August, and wish him the best. James’ last class will be Thursday at 6:30 pm, come say goodbye and wish him luck.  
If you haven’t heard, Coach Matty Higgins will be coming on board and filling the majority of the classes James had.  Matty has a great background of training in the military, strongman training, programming, and of course CrossFit. Welcome aboard!
Our May monthly challenge is squats! Again, getting ready for Murph, and getting those buns ready for the pool and beach!  Set a personal goal for yourself, maybe it’s 100 a day, maybe it’s 25 before and after each class you attend. Stick to it and you’ll see some results and a better Murph for sure!
New shirts are designed, and order forms are at the box. We want these in time for Memorial Day, so orders are due Saturday the 12th. Pre-order only, so if you can’t get in and want one, be sure to message Nick. Personally, I think they’re one of our coolest designs yet.  We have tank options for men and women, and tee options for men and women as well. We’ll also be ordering kids sizes too.  Of note, the women’s tanks run a size larger than the tees (so if you wear a small tee, order a xs tank). 
Murph is perhaps our biggest one day event at CFS (held during Memorial Day weekend), and across most boxes in the world.  It will be held Monday May 28th at 8:30 and 9:45 am.  The workout is tough, as it should be, after you read up on who it is named after. And after, we have an epic cookout, lots of fun, and lots of community! Like any workout, it can be scaled, so don’t be intimidated by the workout. If you want to register on the official Murph site, and get a shirt, or just learn more about the man, check out the link here: https://themurphchallenge.com/
Scheduling Note: Starting tomorrow, May 7th, we’ll go back to our regular early morning schedule on Monday mornings. That means a 6 am class only, not a 5:30 and 6:30 am class.  As people’s schedules have eased up, and we hit the spring/summer season, we are adjusting accordingly.  

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This week….


  • Quick 5 minute Games workout, then sprint intervals


  • Wall balls with a fun buy in; then some jumping around


  • Dumbbell metcon


  • Rowing and double under metcon requiring speed and accuracy


  • Overhead lifting


  • Dynamic duo with running, biking, and lots of other movements


  • Murph prep, endurance Sunday