Week 2 of The Open was another fun week at CFS.  Kicked off on Thursday Night Lights with Jay, Steve, Tijuana and Laura crushing that workout.  So many PRs this week, all around. Congrats on whatever your PR was.  So much extra spirit this week too! It will be a hard decision to give out the bonus points.  After week 1, Team 6 was in the lead, but narrowly.  Still lots of time left to earn points. There is still time to get the workout in and your score in as well, you have until Monday at 8 pm to log it on the Games site.  If you were there Thursday night, I hope you felt the energy there again, and that is what CrossFit and the Open is all about.

Scores for our Intramural Competition will come out Tuesday after everything for the week is in.  I love the fun and competitive spirit I have seen. That’s the goal remember, have fun and improve your fitness.

Join us again this Thursday at the box at 7:45 pm to watch the announcement of the first workout. We need 2 (or more even) volunteers to go head to head this week. Mike Allen and Chris Marion are ready to roll this week, who else wants to join them? Sign up at the box, or let me know if you want in.  The energy the last 2 Thursdays has been awesome!

You’ll notice the next 3 weeks, programming on Thursday will be skewed towards skill building, with a bodyweight metcon that can be scaled to be a recovery type workout. This is so you are not too burnt out for the Open workout on Friday, and with that being an unknown until Thursday night, I don’t want to double up on programming the same thing 2 days in a row.

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This week….



  • Clean and jerk EMOM, and a 4 round metcon with pistols, KBs, and rope climbs (be prepared)


  • Front rack lunges, and Cindy-ish metcon with deadlifts


  • Thruster and burpee EMOM, followed by 21-15-9 barbell metcon


  • Back to the pull-up, muscle-up and bar muscle-up work, also some toes to bar practice, then a bodyweight metcon


  • Open workout 17.3….any guesses what it could be? I’ll again guess heavy, and time for the barbells


  • Endurance type workout


  • A hero WOD using dumbbells, postponed from last week



  • Weighted plank holds, and a spin-off of the 17.2 Open workout


  • An up and down ladder with the barbell, for time