One full week of The Open down, another week almost done, and the impressive performances keep rolling in.  Lots of people achieved 1 rep maxes on the cleans which was super impressive after that tough sprint of a metcon. Lots of people found a new level they could push themselves too. Another great week of energy, and you can feel it at the box when you walk in. Let’s keep it up! For me, my legs were toast getting to the cleans, and I was a good 20 pounds off my max, but had a lot of fun pushing the threshold on my lung capacity.  Remember, get those scores in by Monday at 8 pm.  Intramural wise, the scores after week 1 are very tight, and with this week having 2 scores, even more points are on the line.  You’ll notice a new banner at the gym for our 2017 champs, and you’ll want to be on that 2018 banner! Individual wise, we have 3-5 athletes with legit regional chances, and we’ll shine and highlight them Tuesday/Wednesday when all scores are in and validated. Nice work CFS!
This week at Thursday Night Lights, it’s Ladies’ Night! We have Chante, Natalie, Heather S, Jess, Susan Brown, and one more who’s name escapes me, all competing under the bright lights! We’ll have a Kill Cliff themed party with Kill Cliff inspired adult beverages.  Kill Cliffs will be buy one get one free that night, and we’ll provide some options to mix those in with for a nice treat!
Each Tuesday I’ll continue tally up the scores (this week may be a day behind as I’ll be traveling), determine who gets the spirit points, and put out the leaderboard for our Intramural Competition. The spirit was awesome this week again! Cordis Beer Man Carter in the house, and a “shirtless” Craig was incredible! Gotta love the spirit, competition, and overall fun! 

Start planning now, 18.4 Thursday Night Lights on March 15th will also include a chili cook-off.  Bring your best chili to share and we’ll have a little taste test to be crowned the best chili cook at CFS.  Please no eating chili before competing that night though 🙂 

Programming wise, we are beginning a cycle of using (main site) programming. This programming is a true all encompassing program, and the heart of what CrossFit is all about.  You’ll notice each day will have 2-3 options for the workout.  Don’t feel though you have to pick one exactly.  You and your coach can pick and choose what is going to work best for you. For example, Monday’s workout has handstand walks and GHD sit-ups. I cannot do handstand walks (yet), but can do GHD, so I’ll mix and match from the options to deliver a proper stimulus for me.  Your coaches are there to help you with that.  The workouts ahead are exciting, and I think you’ll all enjoy this direction.

Exciting news about a top notch seminar coming to CFS! A 2017 (and likely 2018) Games competitor, Dan Melzar is coming to us on Saturday April 14th for 2, 90 minute clinics on what are likely the two most common goals I hear: pull-ups and muscle-ups.  The first clinic will be designed for handstand positioning, pull-ups, and toes to bar.  Click here to sign up for that one.  The second clinic will be also working on handstand positioning, but also ring and bar muscle-ups. Click here to sign up for that one. These are capped at 20 athletes, so sign up quick to get in on an amazing opportunity to learn from the best!

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This week….


  • Starting off main site programming with a challenging core and gymnastic metcon


  • Hero WOD with power cleans and push-ups


  • Running intervals, a gasser!


  • Strength and skill day to prep for 18.3


  • 18.3….who knows????


  • Subject to change based on 18.2, but right now a partner workout with running, rowing, dubs, and thrusters


  • Endurance Day: Rowing and burpee sprints