So much has changed since my last update! Wow!  Who would have thought a week ago we’d be handing out equipment so members could workout at home, and we’d be learning all how to use Zoom to do video workouts?  And “social distancing” has become the most popular phrase in the world! Certainly things have changed quite a bit.  One thing that has not changed, our incredible community at CFS!  I started typing this early Sunday morning, now finishing it and we are now officially being forced to close Monday morning at 8 am through April 30.  Here is what the changes in place are effective going forward:

  • No Monday 6 am class this week. I know technically it’s before 8 am, but we are not going to have that class. 
  • 6 am to 8 am Monday – equipment loan out. We will loan out essentially all the remainder of the equipment in the gym that isn’t bolted down or bolted to walls, and no bikes.
    • As a community, I ask for your help here to be mindful of others and take only what you absolutely need so we can try to meet as many members’ needs as possible.  
    • We have 2 rowers left to loan out, and we have received countless requests. We will hold a lottery for those at 7:15 am tomorrow.  It’s not perfect, but it’s the most fair way to determine who gets those
    • If you have any personal stuff at the gym, tomorrow is the time to get it, also from 6 am to 8 am.  If you are not able to get there, and you have something you absolutely have to have, please let me know. We of course are still able to get in the gym, just not operate. 
  • Zoom workouts – we’ll continue to have our daily 9:30 am and 4:00 pm workouts. Links we’ll be posted in Facebook. We’ll also have a Kids Zoom class, as today’s class was a huge success! And Heather plans to continue Zoom Yoga!
  • Programming – we’ll still continue each day with a workout as if we were having classes at the box for those of you with equipment.  And we’ll still have body weight versions of that workout, now with a version that has some at home equipment, and one that if you no equipment.  And we are adding in a new program, normally not included in our programming, called Hustle (details on that below)
  • Communication from your coaches will continue. We have each of you assigned to a coach.  You will get 1 to 1 coaching and communication throughout the week based on your membership levels.  Think of it as personal coaching for the daily WOD according your personal goals.  Normally this is an extra service with a fee attached but given this situation, we are rolling everyone into this program. There is nothing additional you need to do to receive this and no additional cost to you. If you are not getting contacted, check your junk mail or we may have bad info on your Wodify profile.  Email right away so we have the right info for you
  • It’s an easy time to not have that energy and those positive vibes, so we’ll also be adding fun daily challenges to keep spirits up.  If you are not on social media, now is maybe the time to join, as quite frankly its the best way right now to communicate and share ideas and tips and stay connected.  On Facebook, our private member’s group is called “CFS Members”, please request access to join.  On Instagram, our handle is @crossfit_surmount .  Find that and follow us.  

I want to stress again how thankful Meredith, me, and all our coaches are for all your support.  You working out at home, and on video, and on Instagram, or whatever is so inspiring.  I know it’s not the same as being at the gym with friends and coaches, but we’re all still doing it, and staying fit, and as they say, “this too shall pass”. Our community is amazing!  With that, I want to again to put this out there: 

  • We will continue to provide you top notch programming from world-renowned coaches with numerous tailored option, and continue the aforementioned 1 on 1 communication and coaching from your personally assigned coach, and continue to work together as a community – laugh, love, lift :). If you feel you are not getting the value in this, and unable to continue, be it that reason, another reason, or financial hardship, please reach out to me to discuss, no hard feelings, it’s a unique time for all of us.  Many of your memberships renew on the first of the month, and we hope you continue to train with us through this upcoming month and beyond for many years. 

This week as mentioned above, we are adding in a new programming option, called “Hustle”.  This is an at home series as well, but different from our main class programs.  It is very much all inclusive – meaning no CrossFit experience needed, and designed to get your family involved.  You’ll notice it designated as “H” in Wodify each day. You’ll also notice there is a 60 minute workout and a 30 minute workout.  Same workout, just different time frames and options within that based on how much time you have.  You could even add this in as a supplemental additional workout to our traditional programming.  

Benchmark Weekend is of course put on hold…. Fall will be just jam packed with fun stuff, right?!

Murph is still a go right now, on for May 25th. And let me tell you, this year’s party will be bigger and better than ever. We’ll all need a killer celebration after the start of 2020!  Fingers crossed we can keep that on as per schedule.  Either way, at some point we’re having a big Murph workout and blowout party! 

Our men’s softball team is on hold, let’s hope we play soon! 

Michele Letendre’s clinic of course is postponed as well.  She still wants to come very much, so this will likely be in late summer/early fall as well.   She did host a Zoom workout this week for our members, and she plans to have more, so keep a lookout for those. Great chance to be coached by one of the best, and see what you could expect from the clinic.  

Follow us on Instagram @crossfit_surmount And please request to join the CFS Members group on Facebook if you are not in the group yet. Follow us there for great pictures, updates, and more!

This week….Note these are the “class” versions, and we will have tons of at home options

• Heavy front squats; lunge, run, and squatting metcon

• EMOM of shoulder to overhead and rows; running and toes to bar metcon

• 1 rep max Power Snatch – or OHS work at home: hang snatch, double unders, and burpee metcon

• DB snatches, v-ups, DB clean and jerks, then slam balls! 

• Jumping for distance; run, DB box step overs, and muscle-ups

• Wall balls, rowing, OHS, more wall balls

• Sandbag squats, one arm walking lunges, and more running