The Lurong Resolution Challenge was a tremendous success! Please congratulate Steve Dodge for earning the most points and achieving first place ranking. I’m very proud of each and every one of you who participated. The results have been transformative.

Please also be sure to compliment Tijuana for being named the Athlete of the Month!

As I’ve stated before, the warm up sets the tone for the session. Please respect the coach that is leading the session. I have found that those who spend the time during the warm up socializing and/or joking do not get the benefit of the warm up and are often the first to ask questions about the workout. Listen to the coach, follow directions, and show respect. There is usually plenty of time before and/or after a session for socializing.


The 2015 CrossFit Games Open have begun! Workout 15.1 was quite challenging, and I’m proud of all of your who completed prescribed or scaled. A reminder that only members who have officially registered will have their workouts judged, have scores validated, and be eligible for prizes.

A reminder about judging guidelines:

  • Focus on judging the athlete. You are there to judge – and not to coach. You may cheer for and encourage the athlete if they ask you to do so. You may, of course, congratulate the athlete after the workout.
  • Tell an athlete why a rep didn’t count, e.g., “No rep. Your chest didn’t touch the floor.” “No rep. You didn’t hit the target.” “No rep. You didn’t extend your hips.” Do not say things such as “Good job”, “You got this”, “Hands on the bar”, “Time is running out”, etc. 
  • State “no rep” loud enough for the athlete to hear you, but no so loud that other athletes may think you’re calling “no rep” to them. If possible, position yourself in front or to the side of the athlete so that he or she can see you state “no rep”. Cross your arms in front of your midsection as you do so.
  • The athlete is responsible for his or her own equipment. Only move a KB, barbell, medicine ball, etc., if it gets in the way of another athlete. For example, if a barbell rolls away from the athlete, he or she is responsible for retrieving the barbell. If the barbell begins to roll into the area where another athlete is competing, then retrieve the barbell.
  • Be consistent. Be confident. Be kind.

Open 15.2 will be released this Thursday, March 5 at 8 pm ET. The workout will be programmed for Friday with an additional workout held Sunday from 9:45 to 10:45.  If you’d like to complete a trial run during a Friday session, you may do so.

A Running Clinic will be held THIS SATURDAY, March 7 from 1 to 5 pm. Class size is limited to 14, so be sure to register soon.

 The March WOD and Wine will be held Friday, March 13. Meet at Tribeca Tavern immediately following the 6:30 session. An invitation will be sent later this week. Be sure to RSVP so that we may get an accurate headcount for reservations. We’ll be celebrating the Resolution Challenge winners as well! Tribeca Tavern has many Paleo options.

 CrossFit Endurance will be held Tuesday & Thursday at 7 am and 6:30 pm beginning Tuesday, March 10. The same workout will be held during both the morning and evening sessions. If you haven’t already done so, let me know if you’ll be participating. Class size will be limited and consistent attendance is expected.

Weekly WODs

  • Monday – A challenging couplet
  • Tuesday – Rowing benchmark workout
  • Wednesday – Power C&J and running
  • Thursday – Rest Day and Open Gym
  • Friday – Open 15.2
  • Saturday – TBD
  • Sunday – TBD