We just finished up a cycle with a strong test week, lots of PRs I saw, great work on those and keep up the great work as we start another one. All of this is leading up to another Open this year in October. But more so, it all just leads to us being fitter people no matter what your goals are.  Got some challenging metcons this week, and a new very unique weightlifting portion as well.  During this next cycle, we’ll also throw some curve balls at you: a week where nothing shows up in Wodify and I won’t give a preview of what’s to come, call it blackout week. And also a week where each coach programs a day of their own.  Looking forward to all of that.

CFS shirts are in, if you pre-ordered and did not get yours yet, please do so. If you for some reason can’t find your size you ordered, let me or Marni know.  

Our next big event is the Martathon Row at the end of June to benefit Chaney’s Champions. More info coming soon, but save the date, June 29th. 

May’s month’s monthly challenge is nearly over, it’s rope climbs, any kind! Wear those long socks, or go legless! The ropes are right there on your way in and out, do 1 every time you pass the ropes and you’ll get a bunch quick! Some impressive numbers are up already. Try one out next time. 

Also we’re putting a Ragnar Relay Trail team together for October 5-6th outside of Charlotte. Let me know if you’d like to join the team. We need 8, 4 ladies, 4 men.  So far, we have myself, Heather C, Jeff Hartman, and Dave Bock committed.  Reach out to me if you are serious about joining our team. 

Our CFS Men’s Softball starts playoffs this week, double elimination. Our first game is Monday night 9 pm at Salem Middle. Win or lose we play we Wednesday, TBD time at Hunter Street Park.  We finished strong winning 4 of our last 6, watch out! 


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This week….
• 10 rounds of deadlifts, box jumps, sledge hammers! 

• Clean and jerk EMOM; toes to bar, kettlebells, and running 

• Weighted ring dips; 18 minute EMOM with overhead squats – very much an Open like workout

• Team workout with 2 miles of running

• Bulgarian split squat thrusters! What? Then a heavy fast metcon too

• 4 person team, that gets cut in half to duel it out! 

• 2012 Games workout, chipper style!