What a weekend at the Trained to To Go Competition! Big congrats to all those that competed and left it all out on the competition floor! Always love watching our athletes push themselves.  And maybe even more so, love seeing our community come out in droves to support each other!  Special congratulations to Craig and Tom who WON their division!  Epic bench press numbers and engines that didn’t stop, well done gentlemen, way to represent!  

New programming alert! After 6 months of using CrossFit.com programming, we are making a change to continue being constantly varied.  We have aligned with Coach Michelle Letendre out of Canada who coaches last year’s 3rd place Games athlete, Patrick Vellner.  The programming as you will see will have either a gymnastics or strength portion each day, then a metcon.  You’ll also see some accessory work and conditioning pieces at the end of each day that are optional to do on your own or if time allows with the class.  This program is very unique, that only about 45 boxes in the world use her programming, so it’s very personal and I’m super excited about it. I tried it out last week and love the variance and that it includes so much and gives people options for more if they desire.  We’re starting at a great time, just in time for a new cycle.  This will be a micro cycle in which our focus will still be strength but a bit more Olympic Weightlifting. We will begin to work more volume in gymnastics movements, and include more skill and dynamic movements. As for the Olympic Weightlifting, the lifts will be mainly from the hang position, and opwer.  Metcons will stay simple and intense, and some with lots of reps. I’m looking forward to how this challenges us all and the results.  

4th of July is around the corner. We’ll have 2 sessions that day, early to beat the heat and allow everyone to get to their cookouts, pool, etc…  Classes that day will be 7 am and 8:30 am ONLY.  Expect a challenging hero workout that day.  Special twist though, come dressed in your most patriotic and fun red, white, and blue apparel for a chance to win a prize! 
On June 30th, Coach Jay will be leading a short clinic on Crossover Symmetry. You all see the bands down at the end of the rig, but do we really know how to use them effectively? How about we have a PT show us so we can get the most effective use to warm-up, build strength, and cool down those shoulders, traps, scaps, and more!  Learn how to bulletproof those shoulders and ease those achy shoulders or warm-up quickly for a WOD. Spots are limited, and a sign-up sheet will be at the front desk this week. Cost is $20.
July 21st, we’ll be a host for The Special Olympics WOD for Inclusion.  This supports Special Olympics of North Carolina, a great cause. More details coming soon on this.  
This month of June, our challgene is sit-ups and/or GHD sit-ups. Get ’em done, and strengthen that core!  So many people getting into it, this has definitely been our most participated in challenge, love seeing that!
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This week….


  • Hang power snatches; toes to bar and push press metcon


  • Partner workout midweek; dumbbell tabatas by yourself


  • Deadlifts; burpee and barbell metcon


  • Handstand work; a bodyweight partner workout


  • Running and dumbbell snatches


  • Teams of 3: bike, row, wall balls, burpees, gymanstics


  • Paused front squats; high volume metcon with a good mix of dumbbell, bodyweight, and barbell