Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads at CFS! Just like on Mother’s Day, I said you all are great examples for your kids and other kids on living your best life and making your health and fitness a priority. It’s awesome to see you all in action and as such great dads! 

Big weekend ahead with competitions, as we have I believe 7 teams competing this weekend at the Trained To Go competition on Saturday the 23rd. We have Tina/Courtney, Meredith/Robyn, Asia/Chris, Tom/Craig, Natalie/Chante, Melanie/Friend Amanda, and Susan/Wendy all competing (let me know if I missed anyone).  It should be an epic day. More details will be out later in the week when we get heat times and such. Looking forward to seeing all of you go at it, and I’m sure you’ll have plenty of CFS support! 
On June 30th, Coach Jay will be leading a short clinic on Crossover Symmetry. You all see the bands down at the end of the rig, but do we really know how to use them effectively? How about we have a PT show us so we can get the most effective use to warm-up, build strength, and cool down those shoulders, traps, scaps, and more!  Learn how to bulletproof those shoulders and ease those achy shoulders or warm-up quickly for a WOD. Spots are limited, and a sign-up sheet will be at the front desk this week. Cost is $20.
This month of June, our challgene is sit-ups and/or GHD sit-ups. Get ’em done, and strengthen that core!  So many people getting into it, this has definitely been our most participated in challenge, love seeing that!
Remember, we offer nutrition services to help you meet your goals. You can’t out train a bad diet, and as an athlete you need fuel your body like the sports car it is! Whether you want to lose weight, get meal prep ideas, take it to the next level with macros, fuel for an upcoming competition, or maybe even gain weight, we can help. Schedule an appointment right here to start it off…https://0485673.rcomhost.com/programs/nutrition-services/

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This week….


  • Deadlift quadrathalon


  • Hang clean for strength; quick metcon with box jumps and elevated push-ups


  • Benchmark girl, getting outside in the HEEEAAAT! (forecast shows 100)


  • 20 Minute AMRAP of pull-ups, wall balls, and KB swings


  • 10, quick rounds of burpees and snatches


  • 11 rounds of 11 reps of fun with 2 other buddies


  • Endurance Sunday – Skiing time trials and a not for time metcon of challenging movements