Happy Father’s Day to all our CFS dads out there! Your fitness is a great example you set for your kids, grandkids, and others around you. 

As we move towards our Marathon Row event on June 29th, this will have some extra special meaning.  All proceeds from the fundraising event will go towards Chaney’s Champions.  Go to https://chaneyschampions.org/about/ to learn more about this great charity with lots of ties to CFS, most notably Lee Worsely.  Final details on how to sign up, when to sign up, etc… will be out later this week after Lee, Doza, and I meet to finalize.  We will also likely have a bike option to allow more people to join in.  

This week we had another tough week of metcons.  Lots of people I know were still talking about last Friday’s lunges, and this Friday’s 150 wall balls!  Also, Chelsea which was a lot of reps, and a great benchmark workout.  I got a lot of feedback that people really enjoy benchmarks and have missed those, so we will begin trying to add more in, as well as hero workouts.  This week we have another girl workout on Wednesday, it’s a big longer, but one of my favorites.  We’ll continue back squatting and getting some clean and jerks in as well.  

The following week, week of the 24th, we are going to mix it up with a “mystery week”.  What that means is that the day’s workout will not be posted in Wodify nor any clues in my weekly update.  Only way to find out the workout is coming in, and once you come in, you gotta stay, muahahaha.  For those of you who come to early classes, please try not to ruin the surprise of the day.  

June’s challenge is dedicated to Izzy, it’s toes to bar.  Get in and put some on the board, let’s get everyone up there! 

The Ragnar Relay Trail race forr October 5-6th outside of Charlotte is slowly getting closer. Let me know if you’d like to join the team. We need 8 people total, 4 ladies, 4 men.  So far, we have myself, Heather C, Jeff Hartman, and Dave Bock committed.  Reach out to me if you are serious about joining our team. 

Our CFS Men’s Softball finishes their season tomorrow, Monday night. We play 7 pm in the semi-finals. Lose and we are out, win and we play at 8 in the championship where we have to win 2 games to take home the crown. All games are at Hunter Street Park, hope to see you there.  Post game libations likely to follow. 

Our Pre-teens class in on vacation until August, as Coach Mirka is in Europe for a bit. We finished this session with a great class on Sunday!  Our Thursday Kids class will run through the end of June, then also take a summer vacay in July.  

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This week….
• 2 metcons – one designed for gymanstics; one with the barbell

• Clean and jerk EMOM; deadlift and ring dip (or muscle-up) metcon

• Benchmark Girl workout

• 3 AMRAPs of 4, 3, and 2 minutes with dumbbells

• Back squats; 20 minute EMOM of power snatches, double unders, burpees, rowing

• Partner – deadlifts, shoulder to overhead, and some bike/row/ski

• Another Sunday chipper, it’s like a new tradition. This one with a 1k run in there