Nice work this past week attacking some heavy WODs, and finishing up with “Kelly” on Friday.  It was a challenging week for sure, and more to come.

This week we’ll continue with the snatch work, our last heavy week before a de-load week.  Also we’ll work on handstand work again.  Monday though starts with a bear of a workout to hit on those barbell lifts we may have forgotten about a bit lately.  Sundays as you may have noticed have taken a bit of “endurance” type theme.  That will continue for the summer at least.  Sundays will typically be longer workouts with some running or rowing with some distance involved. Good way to end/start your week.

Reminder again, with the heat here to stay fro the summer, come to the gym hydrated, stay hydrated during your workout, and then remain hydrated after.  You can also overhydrate, so don just guzzle water wildly.

Wednesday June 21st is CrossFit Surmount’s night at Cryotherapy.  It is at CrossFit Embark in Apex from 6-7 p.m.  We have a special hour block just for us, and a discounted rate of $20.  Sign-up sheet is at the front desk.  The session takes about 15 minutes from the time you sign in, change, and are in the chamber for 3-5 minutes.  I strongly recommend it for recovery. It’s the equivalent of an ice bath, without the discomfort.  For me, it helped my aches and pains go away almost immediately, gave me some energy, and also helped me sleep at night.  Maybe it’s just because I’m from Buffalo, but the -312 temps were nice! Give it a try! And afterwards, we can just walk next door to Brueprint Brewery for a pint with your box mates.

Good news for you 4 o’clockers: Coach Jen has graciously offered to coach Wednesdays at 4 pm and bring her enthusiasm and great coaching with her. So effective this week, that class is back on!  It will still hold the normal 4 pm class rules though, someone must be signed in 2 hours prior for the class to be held. Don’t forget to sign in.

Schedule notes:

  • 4 pm on Wednesdays is back on!
  • CrossFIt Kids is on a vacation. Sundays through the end of August.  Our Thursday night class at 5:30 p.m. will still continue as per usual, and continues to grow in size each week! The energy is amazing! Bring your kids to try it out next week. 

Remember our referral program: Effective immediately, anytime you bring a friend in to try out CrossFit Surmount, you get a Fit Aid or Kill Cliff from the fridge on the house!  Furthermore, should that person join, your next month’s membership will be discounted by 15%.  There’s no limit to how many drinks you can earn, and how many months of discounts you can earn either.  You love CrossFit Surmount, and it’s more fun with friends and family, so bring them in and reap the rewards. (Note: This program applies to new members only, not bringing in a former member, though we’d love to see them too)

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This week….



  • Grizzly


  • Gymnastics EMOM, and a metcon with rope climbs (socks!)


  • Snatch 3 x 3 on the heavy side, then a 4 rounds for reps metcon with rowing, doubles and more


  • Bench press, and a KB metcon


  • Benchmark Friday; with deadlifts, pull-ups and front squats


  • 3 person workout with a barbell, more rope climbs, and rowing


  • Endurance Sunday – burpees and running