This week certainly has been a tough one at the box. We were all truly saddened by the passing of Coach Courtney’s daughter Izzy.  Izzy was a big part of our Thursday Kid’s class, and she’ll be missed for sure. Courtney communicated to me on Saturday how appreciative she has been of everyone from the box’s support in this tough time for her and her family.

As we move towards our Marathon Row event on June 29th, this will have some extra special meaning.  

Anyone else still feeling that spicy Wednesday workout last week with the overhead squats and burpees! Woo that looked tough! Focus this week is a bit more on metcons, but still some weightlifting. Have fun with your workouts in these summer months and get a good sweat in each class.  

Congratulations to our Athletes of the Month for June: Alex and Brian Covington! They each deserve their own page, but at the same time, you can’t have one without the other.  Long overdue for sure, as we really love their enthusiasm, effort, and all around just great attitude they bring to the box each and every time they are there. They are a huge part of our community. Read up on Brian by clicking here, and Alex by clicking here .

CFS shirts went fast, and if you pre-ordered one and didn’t get yours, that means someone grabbed yours (tsk tsk). Let me know so we can credit you. Also, we’re going to put a small order in and we’ll have another round of pre-orders since demand has been high. 

Our next big event is the Martathon Row at the end of June to benefit Chaney’s Champions. More info coming soon, but save the date, June 29th.  We will also have a bike option to get more people involved. 

June’s challenge is dedicated to Izzy, it’s toes to bar.  Get in and put some on the board, let’s get everyone up there! 

Also we’re putting a Ragnar Relay Trail team together for October 5-6th outside of Charlotte. Let me know if you’d like to join the team. We need 8, 4 ladies, 4 men.  So far, we have myself, Heather C, Jeff Hartman, and Dave Bock committed.  Reach out to me if you are serious about joining our team. 

Our CFS Men’s Softball starts is straight out on a roll! We are now in the semi-finals, we play Monday at 8 pm at Hunter Street. Come out and cheer on the red-hot Surmounties! 

Our Pre-teens class in on vacation until August, as Coach Mirka is in Europe for a bit. We finished this session with a great class on Sunday!  Our Thursday Kids class will run through the end of June, then also take a summer vacay in July.  

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This week….
• Back squats; cardio endurance grit metcon

• Banded deadlifts; DB snatch, double under, and thruster metcon

• DBs to muscle-up skill work; HSPU, running, and deadlift metcon

• Benchmark Girl workout 

• Front squats and jerks; 

• Partner – barbell and rowing and biking

• Chipper again w/ squat cleans and clusters