4th of July was quite a workout! The heat certainly added to an already challenging hero WOD. Congrats to Cordis, who in a landslide won the Most Patriotic Award. Cordis, a nice prize pack of supplements awaits. See me next time you’re in. 
This week, lots of challenging technical work ahead and some distance running.  Should be another great week with some fun accessory and conditioning options at the end should you have time and want a little more.  
Scheduling note, effective next week, July 16th, the 4 pm class on Mondays and Wednesdays will not be held until after Labor Day. With the summer schedules of our members, it has often been 1 or none at that time. It will resume back with the school schedule. Friday at 4 pm is still on. 
July 21st, we’ll be a host for The Special Olympics WOD for Inclusion.  This supports Special Olympics of North Carolina, a great cause. Find our team’s page here:  https://give.classy.org/CrossFitSurmount
You don’t have to register to participate in the workout, but if you want a shirt and want to donate to a great cause, deadline to register for the shirt is July 9th.  Of course you can donate and register though anytime. 
This month’s challenge, it’s not a cumulative challenge, but rather how fast can you do 50 wall ball shots? You can try as many times as you want to get your best time, but can only do so in one of the “divisions”.  Those divisions being weight of the med ball and height of the target.  Challenge yourself on these, no sandbagging!  Looking forward to some fast times and everyone becoming more efficient on these. Remember, its like a thruster but you get to throw the “barbell”.  Drive through the heels, aggressive hips, and use both arms for the push.
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This week….


  • Deadlifts w/ a different grip; 9 minute AMRAP of toes to bar, power snatches, and double unders


  • Back squats; metcon with long runs to start


  • Push jerks; kettlebell and thruster metcon


  • Long metcon with lots of reps and running


  • Pull up gymnastics work; metcon for weight, not speed necessarily with overhead squats and snatches


  • Partner workout, but this time you go AGAINST your partner


  • Front squats for strength; deadlifts, rope climbs and box jumps in the metcon