We had a nice Saturday showing for the WOD for Inclusion to raise awareness and a few bucks for The Special Olympics of NC. Thanks to all that attended and completed that workout.  
Programming wise, this will be our last week in this ramp up cycle before a de-load week.  Since we are utilizing programming that is driven towards Games prep, and those Games are in 2 weeks, hence the de-load coming.    Speaking of the Games, it’s an exciting time for CrossFit. Always fun to see the top athletes go at it.  More details to come on ways to watch it, and get involved with a little fantasy CrossFit as well.
Saturday July 28 we’ll be trying out swimming again. We have secured a coach to give us a group lesson at 8 am at Olive Chapel Pool. It’s located in the Pearson Farms community, right off Olive Chapel Road and Pearson Farms Road.  Cost is $10 and is limited to 15 people. Reserve a space on Facebook and with a sign-in on the box. There’s 3 spots left as of today.
There’s still space for our Teenage Girl Program, it started Monday the 16th, but if you know someone interested they can still get in and join. So far, early feedback has been great, and the girls are surprising themselves with some great strength showings!
Email nick@0485673.rcomhost.com for more info. We hope to really grow this program down the road to include visits from professionals in different areas to teach the participants even more than fitness.  
This month’s challenge, it’s not a cumulative challenge, but rather how fast can you do 50 wall ball shots? You can try as many times as you want to get your best time, but can only do so in one of the “divisions”.  Those divisions being weight of the med ball and height of the target.  Challenge yourself on these, no sandbagging!  One week left, I am trying to get 1 second off to catch Dave Bock at the 20# mark. Get those times in! 
Scheduling note, effective Monday, July 16th, the 4 pm class on Mondays and Wednesdays will not be held until after Labor Day. With the summer schedules of our members, it has often been 1 or none at that time. It will resume back with the school schedule. Friday at 4 pm is still on during this timeframe. 
Remember, we offer nutrition services to help you meet your goals. You can’t out train a bad diet, and as an athlete you need fuel your body like the sports car it is! Whether you want to lose weight, get meal prep ideas, take it to the next level with macros, fuel for an upcoming competition, or maybe even gain weight, we can help. Schedule an appointment right here to start it off…https://0485673.rcomhost.com/programs/nutrition-services/

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This week….


  • Power cleans; then 2, 5 minute AMRAPs w/ front squats and burpees


  • Ring dips; metcon with handstand walks or wall walks, thrusters and running


  • New fun movement with KBs; lunging, push up and toes to bar metcon


  • Benchmark for a boxer


  • EMOM with KBs, box jumps, and power snatches


  • Partner WOD, you get to choose your path…


  • Back squats; longer metcon with doubles and power cleans