2020 is underway, and after the holidays, we can now get in a bit more routine. The gym has definitely been hoppin’ this past week as everyone gets back on track. Great energy from everyone coming in! 

As the year kicks off, set those goals, and get after them. One of those goals maybe is to enter a CrossFit competition. We plan to have an internal one at the box sometime this year, as well as an internal version of The One Ton Challenge in the spring as well. Great opportunities to test yourself in a fun environment with your gym buddies.  If you want to step out of the gym a bit, there are lots of local competitions popping up this time of year.  The Sua Sponte Games for one is coming up on February 8th, it’s always well run and has 3 divisions, all for either male-male, male-female, or female-female.  Ask a coach for more info on this or others. 

This week, programming wise we are back to a more normalized routine and program. We’ll continue some heavy back squats, and we have big intense workouts with lots of heavy loads and lots of lower body. Gotta build those strong trees from the trunk up, right? 

A quick logistics, safety, and admin note: The fire inspector stopped by  and noted we need to keep all exits clear of equipment.  Of note are the bikes by the door to Dr. Heather’s office, and the back entrances by the GHD machines and rowers.  Please don’t move or put equipment in the path of these exits as it is a hazard.  Thanks for the cooperation! 

This month’s challenge is most double unders or single unders. Our gym challenge started January 1 and goes through the month.  It ties in with the RPM 10K Jump Rope Challenge, click HERE

You don’t need to sign up for that, but for a $10 donation to the cause, you can track your progress and compete against others.  That challenge officially starts Monday January 6th, and goes to February 6th.

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This week….
• HSPU work; then a metcon similar to Sunday’s, but with power cleans and chest to bar pull-ups as well

• Back squats; two, 6 minute AMRAPs with deadlifts, burpees, and lunges with DBs

• Muscle-up work, then a DB-centric metcon – thrusters ! 

• Longer one with a 1k buy in and cash out on the rower or run, then hang power cleans, shoulder to overhead, and front squats

• Hang snatches; metcon of power snatches, burpees, and muscle-ups

• Partner DT lifting complex into an AMRAP of handstand push-ups, KBS, and running

• Wall balls and ring dips are in between two, 2k rows with a buddy