That PR Bell finally started to get broken in this week. Awesome job to those who had PRs. Ring it loud, ring it proud!

Hope you all enjoyed that fun partner workout on Sunday. If you didn’t know your partner before, you certainly got a little closer. Or maybe it created a little rift between you if you did know each other already ūüėČ

Join us this Sunday 1/29 at Southern Peak Brewery at 3:00 pm to enjoy some beverages in honor of Coach Paul and Coach Jeff’s impending move to Asheville.¬†There will be a food truck on site as well.¬† For those of you who haven’t been there, it’s a great little local brewery right off 64 in the Villages of Apex.

The 2017 New Year’s Resolution Lurong Challenge is rolling.¬† That was a challenging first workout, and we’ll¬†all complete it again in 5 weeks to see our progress.

The CrossFit Games Open Season starts on February 23rd. My favorite time of the year.¬† We have lots of fun stuff planned for the Open this year, including some head-to-head fun competition between members, and some prime time events. You’ll want to sign up for it, and registration is open now here.¬† Coming off the team competition, this is a great individual¬†series of events¬†that will push you and test you along the way.¬† Many new PRs and achievements come during the Open. You’ll begin seeing me post more things about this very soon. You won’t want to miss out!

More new members continue to come in, and thanks again for the welcoming atmosphere you all have created.  Remember your first day at CrossFit Surmount?  A new place, and new workouts, can be intimidating, but we all do a great job of knocking those barriers down quickly. Thank you.

Of note, Sunday January 29th there will be no CrossFit Kids class.

We have a new updated Instagram page:  @crossfit_surmount    Follow us there for great pictures, updates, and more!

This week….



  • 3, 3 minute AMRAPs and hang power snatch 1 rep maxes


  • Power clean and push-up EMOM, followed by a quick couplet chipper of med ball cleans and push-presses


  • Lurong WOD #2 – wall balls, sit-ups, double-unders


  • Squatting, then a metcon right from our past Intrabox Competition


  • Benchmark Friday, a girl that starts with the letter¬†“E” (not Elizabeth again, don’t worry)


  • 3 person team strength and metcon components


  • 1 and a half Open workouts



  • Lots of med ball fun: 9 minute, 6 minute, and 3 minute AMRAPs


  • Back squats and a ascending/descending ladder of push-ups and renegade rows