The Open is underway, and definitely in full swing at CFS! The energy from Thursday night, up to this minute, has been awesome. You have until Monday night at 8 pm to enter your score online.  I know some of you want to re-do the workout tomorrow, make sure you have a judge lined up and you get in.  Some early highlights were of course the awesome Thursday Night Lights event (which is on again this week with 6 new athletes). And so many people who did their first Open workout, first toes 2 bar, first hanging knee raises, etc…  Pushing yourself and testing yourself is what it’s all about. And of course being a little extra competitive and having FUN, and I don’t think there has been any shortage of that so far.  
Aside from the intramural aspect, some individuals are really sticking out amongst THE WORLD!  Mike Allen is picking up right where he left off last year, and is in 30th in the world! And newcomer Peyton Heron is going to re-do her 18.1, but right now would be 50th in the world with her current score. Amazing job!!
Each Tuesday I’ll tally up the scores, determine who gets the spirit points, and put out the leaderboard for our Intramural Competition. The spirit was awesome this week…from The Sur-Mount-A-Lot outfits with chains, to Marni’s blue/red hair, ya gotta love the enthusiasm The Open brings out.  
Shirts for The Open came in, and I think everyone got one who had a men’s. The women’s came in tanks in error, so you got a free tank if you ordered a women’s shirt. The women’s shirts will be in this Tuesday, and at the box Wednesday for pick-up.  

Start planning now, 18.4 Thursday Night Lights on March 15th will also include a chili cook-off.  Bring your best chili to share and we’ll have a little taste test to be crowned the best chili cook at CFS.  Please no eating chili before competing that night though 🙂 

We had a great time at the Family WOD this past Saturday, we’ll plan another one soon. We love having the kids there, and that’s a big part of who we are, teaching fitness at a young age. Bringing them to Thursday Night Lights is such a great experience for them too to see the adults as fitness role models, I know many of them look up to many of you.  Please remember though, aside from a CF Kids class, kids are not allowed on equipment, and need to be clear of those working out. It’s for everyone’s safety.

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This week….


  • Deadlifts for a heavy 2; descending ladder of deadlifts, sit-ups, and rowing/biking/running


  • Longer metcon with running with front squats, burpees, and box jumps


  • AMRAP with sprints, wall balls, dumbbells, and toes to bar again


  • Gymnastic day with a focus on overhead movements and strict movements


  • 18.2….who knows????


  • Subject to change based on 18.2, but a long partner chipper


  • Endurance Day: distance and burpees (weather pending)