We had an amazing showing at the 12 Days of Christmas Competition on Saturday.  6 of the 20 teams were from CrossFit Surmount, and we were all over the podium.  Congrats to all those who crushed it: Alex, Jaclyn, Asia, Brian, Chris, Jacob, Jay, Lindsay, Chante, Mac, Erika, and Susan. We had an even bigger showing in terms of fans supporting our athletes, perhaps the biggest crowd, as seen in our picture in this post. Jay and Lindsay took 2nd in the scaled M/F division, Brian and Asia took 3rd in that division as well.  Mac and Erika took 3rd in the RX M/F division, and Jaclyn and Alex won the RX female division! Great job everyone, way to represent!  I love how we continue to challenge ourselves at competitions, and more and more get involved each time. Next big one is January 27 at Sua Sponte.

Speaking of Erika, we are proud to announce she has a new role at CFS. Erika, in addition to being a kick ass athlete and coach, is now our Social Media Marketer and Special Events Coordinator.  You may have already noticed some great Instagram posts from here. More to come there, and she’ll be helping drive those efforts and coordinating great events we have planned for 2018!

This month’s challenge is most double and/or single unders.  Remember these must be done at the gym.  Many are off to big starts. This is a great chance to make that move from singles to doubles with all that practice.

Our holiday party is at the gym, on Saturday December 16th at 7 pm until….? Big Mike’s BBQ will be providing the main course (pulled pork), and we’ll provide some beverages (some canned beer and water). Please bring a dessert or side to share, and any other beverages you’d like to enjoy.  You are welcome to bring a guest, looking forward to a fun night! 

We have a little community service going on this month as well for the holiday season. We have an Angel Tree up with gift tags to take. Each tag represents a child and their holiday wishes. Please take a tag if you’re able and would like to purchase a gift this year. The unwrapped gifts are due back on December the 10th.

We have a new event planned for New Year’s Eve, a Donut Run!  On that Sunday, our 9:45 class will be a mile run, but with a twist. Each 400m starts with eating a donut.  Of course you can opt out of the donut, or opt out of the run too and just enjoy some donuts.  It’ll be a fun way to end our year before 2018 starts.  I’ll have an RSVP up for that soon so I can make sure we haven enough donuts on hand

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This week….


  • Power cleans and handstand push-ups, plus accessory core work for all


  • 30 minute, every 2 minute intervals with lots of different movements


  • Snatch work to start, then thruster, pistol and double under metcon


  • 30 EMOM with burpees, slam balls, box jumps, and squats


  • 3, 4 minute intervals with power cleans, box jumps, and rowing/biking


  • 3 person team workout with rowing and just about everything else


  • Endurance Sunday: Running and burpees