What an awesome holiday party we had Saturday!  The food was amazing!  Thanks to everyone who brought great food, drinks, and most importantly thank you for coming and sharing some fellowship. We have such a great group of people, it’s always fun to get together. We’ll plan more social functions in the year to come for sure.  Special thanks to Erika for helping on the planning and the Oreo game she led, and special thanks to Amy Hauss who made the amazing Instagram frame for the photo booth. Truly a special thanks to all our members who made this year so great! 

As the holidays approach, keep on your fitness regiments, though I know it’s easy to get off track a bit, don’t get discouraged if things get in the way. Remember it’s a journey, and a little detour happens sometimes.  If you have family in town over the holidays, we love guests! Please email me before so we can determine the best approach for their visit.

This month’s challenge is most double and/or single unders.  Remember these must be done at the gym.  Half way through the month, and people are crushing it. This is a great chance to make that move from singles to doubles with all that practice.

Thank you to everyone who donated to the Angel Tree this year. We will be delivering those gifts this week.  It makes such a difference for those children.  And also thank you to all who donated to help the family at Kelly K’s work. There may be still a few items needed, please see or message Kelly or Erika if you’d like to still donate. If you have a gift, they are due at the box by this Thursday, December 21st.

It’s coming up….New Year’s Eve, a Donut Run!  On that Sunday, our 9:45 class will be a mile run, but with a twist. Each 400m starts with eating a donut.  Of course you can opt out of the donut, or opt out of the run too and just enjoy some donuts.  It’ll be a fun way to end our year before 2018 starts.  I’ll have an RSVP up for that soon so I can make sure we haven enough donuts on hand.  

In January, Barbell Club will restart again. in 2018 we will be doing 2 month cycles of BBC, then one month off.  The first 2 month cycle will have a goal of Open Prep in addition to the awesomeness that Jay always has in store.  The Open is just 68 days away!  We have so much in store for you this year to add to the great events we had for it last year. In 2018, BBC will run on a 2 month on, 1 month off cycle.  More to come on this shortly.

Yoga announcement: Beginning with new punch card purchases on January 1, our per class price will increase to the following: 5 classes for $50, 10 classes for $90, and 15 classes for $120.  This is still a tremendous value for a 90 minute yoga class taught by the finest yogi this side of the Atlantic.

Holiday Schedule: No classes on Christmas Day. No 6 am class on December 26thNew Year’s Day – open gym from 9-11, one class at 9:45 am.  No CrossFit Kids on December 21 or 28th, we’ll resume on January 4th. 

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This week….


  • Turkish get-ups, then a metcon with power cleans and burpees


  • Running, power snatches, and bar muscle-ups; posterior chain work


  • Barbell, barbell, more barbell


  • A special Hero WOD that I’ve been looking forward to. Get ready to hang and chill out 😉


  • The Grinch! A personal favorite of mine


  • Partnering up on some girl workouts


  • Endurance Sunday: A special holiday eve workout with a giving twist to the end