Coach Paul’s Weekly Update

The past two weeks have been a tremendous amount of fun! A special thank you to all of the coaches for programming many of the workouts.

The August CrossFit Surmount Get Together was a tremendous amount of fun! A very special thanks to Janet for organizing and to Coach Doza, Stephen, and Iris for providing such excellent entertainment.

We begin a new strength cycle this week, and the focus will be on 1RM hang power clean, 3RM push press, 5RM sumo deadlift, and 10RM back squat. We’ll be focusing on pistols (yes, pistols) and handstand pushups.

The latest session of Endurance is off to a raucous start. A reminder that runners of all abilities and paces are welcome. You’re all invited to attend our Sunday Long Run.

As most of the athletes who used to attend the Monday and Wednesday @ 7 Express sessions, Express will no longer be offered at that time. Express continues to be offered Monday & Wednesday @ 6:30 pm and Tuesday & Thursday @ 5:30 pm.

There are currently a couple of openings in Barbell Club. Let Coach Josh or me know if you’re interested in giving it a try!

Beginning Monday, September 12 additional CrossFit Kids sessions will be held Monday and Wednesday from 5:15 to 6 pm. Spread the word!

Labor Day Schedule

  • WODs at 8:30 and 9:45 ONLY (Express welcome to attend)
  • All other sessions cancelled
  • No Open Gym hours

Beginning Monday, September 12, additional CrossFit Kids sessions will be held Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 5:15 to 6 pm and will be led by Coach Josh. Please let me and/or Coach Josh know if you have kids that will be attending, and please help spread the word!

CFS will be participating in the Lurong Living Championship Challenge beginning September 12. There are currently over 25 members registered! We will be completing the workouts Wednesdays of each week.

CrossFit Surmount will be sponsoring the Pollard/Briar Chapel Mustang Stampede Challenge 5K on Saturday, September 10. The workout that day is — you guessed it —a 5k! There will be no sessions held at the box that day, and all members are encouraged to participate in the race. I will be leading the warmup and representing CrossFit Surmount in the race. Yup, I’ll be running in the race.


  • Monday 
    • Hang power clean
    • 13-min AMRAP triplet
  • Tuesday 
    • Push presses
    • AFAP up and down ladder couplet
  • Wednesday 
    • Hero WOD
  • Thursday
    • Three-minute rounds (That’s all I’ll say…)
  • Friday
    • Sump deadlift
    • Benchmark row
  • Saturday 
    • Back squat
    • AFAP couplet
  • Sunday
    • Partner hero WOD


  • Monday & Tuesday
    • 4 benchmarks
  • Wednesday & Thursday
    • Tabata triplet
    • EMOM couplet


  • Tuesday
    • Tabatas (meet at Wimberly entrance of ATT)
  • Thursday
    • 800m repeats and time trial (meet at Apex Nature Park)


  • Thursday
    • Football! Where your your favorite college team gear!
  • Sunday
    • “Back to School” rope climbs and gym class

Barbell Club

  • Heavy squats, bench, very light conditioning and very little accessory work leading up to next week’s deload.