Congrats to The WODding Crashers! They are your 2018 CFS Intramural Champions! Going into 18.6 they had the lead, and finished strong.  Team members include Coaches Doza and Marni, Kaitlin Hartman, Asia, Catherine Mazur, Alex, Mike Allen, Eddie, Fernando, and Mike Heflin!  The banner will be ordered soon, and hung in your honor! I hope everyone enjoyed the 5+ weeks of The Open, met some new people, got stronger, and most of all had fun!  Our next big event at CFS is Murph! 
Murph is perhaps our biggest one day event at CFS (held during Memorial Day weekend), and across most boxes in the world. The workout is tough, as it should be, after you read up on who it is named after. And after, we have an epic cookout, lots of fun, and lots of community! Start your training now, and this year, Coach Doza is leading a special 5 week program tailored just to this workout. Reach out to him or I to let us know you’re in. It’s starts April 23rd, and runs Mondays at 6 am, and Wednesdays at 6:30 pm for 5 weeks right up to Murph. Like any workout, it can be scaled, so don’t be intimidated by the workout. If you want to register on the official Murph site, and get a shirt, or just learn more about the man, check out the link here:
We’ll be rolling out new summer shirts and tanks around this time too, just as a heads up. 
This weekend, no Saturday classes, as we’ll be hosting 2 seminars.  A 2017 (and likely 2018) Games competitor, Dan Melzar is coming to us on Saturday April 14th for two, 90 minute clinics on what are likely the two most common goals I hear: pull-ups and muscle-ups.  The first clinic will be designed for handstand positioning, pull-ups, and toes to bar.  Click here to sign up for that one.  The second clinic will be also working on handstand positioning, but also ring and bar muscle-ups. Click here to sign up for that one. These are capped at 20 athletes and about 3/4 filled up in each one, so sign up quick to get in on an amazing opportunity to learn from the best!


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This week….


  • Wall balls; core accessory work


  • Hero workout with something unique to carry


  • Lotta snatchin, some accessory work too


  • Fightin’ gloves on


  • 2 minute intervals, all with the barbell


  • No class, Pull-up and Muscle-Up Clinics


  • Run, jump, wall balls