Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Spring Break! 
The Open is officially over! Big congrats to Mike Allen who has qualified for Regionals, finishing 106th in the world! Regionals begin in May, and we’ll all be along on the ride pushing Mike towards The Games! Congrats to Peyton Heron as well, finishing 392nd in the world, after CrossFitting for just a few months! Amazing work both of you.
Within the box, Coach James is again crowned Fittest Male at CFS after winning The Open.  Alex has won on the Female side as Fittest Female at CFS in The Open.  Ryan Scott won the overall scaled division, and Laura Schimmels won on the ladies’ side. Congrats all of you! As promised we’ll have a mini, one day “regionals” for the top CFS finishers. Date and time to be determined.
Intramural wise, things are very tight with just 18.6 to go. Now full disclaimer, it’s not weighted as heavily, everything is 1/3 of the point values, but still could swing the title! Updated standings are posted on our members page, with some corrections from the one I posted earlier in the week. Wodding Crashers leads the way, but just narrowly.  
18.6 is this Saturday, 6:30 pm at the box. Plan on being there about an hour, then we’ll head at a location TBD for the “after party”. I’ll post that location soon, that’s not a surprise, just need to shore it up.  Again, 18.6 won’t be a “workout”, but will involve some team competition. Regular clothes are fine, don’t need those lifters and knee sleeves. Looking forward to seeing everyone there. Bring the family out after to celebrate The Open.  We’ll also announced our “Sprit of The Games” winner that night.  

Barbell Club started last week on Tuesday 3/27. This cycle, our Sunday class will start at 10:45 am. 

Speaking of gymnastics, a 2017 (and likely 2018) Games competitor, Dan Melzar is coming to us on Saturday April 14th for two, 90 minute clinics on what are likely the two most common goals I hear: pull-ups and muscle-ups.  The first clinic will be designed for handstand positioning, pull-ups, and toes to bar.  Click here to sign up for that one.  The second clinic will be also working on handstand positioning, but also ring and bar muscle-ups. Click here to sign up for that one. These are capped at 20 athletes and about 3/4 filled up in each one, so sign up quick to get in on an amazing opportunity to learn from the best!

There will be no classes on Saturday April 14th due to the clinics. 

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This week….


  • Dumbbell cleans and heavy pull-ups


  • Hero WOD kettlebells, burpees, and sit-ups


  • Intense 7 minutes of rowing and push-ups


  • Deadlifts on deadlifts and quick metcon to finish


  • Muscle up skill work and hang power snatches


  • Partner fun!


  • Burpees and back squats