Coach Paul’s Weekly Update

Thank you all for helping us celebrate our 3rd Anniversary! A special thank you to all who brought delicious side dishes and desserts, and an extra special thank you to Deborah and Wendy for making the spectacularly creative cake! Speaking of Deborah, she was the 1st place winner in the desserts contests for her delicious Paleo Girl Scout cookies and Steve D. was the 1st place winner for the Brussels sprouts salad, my personal favorite.

Congratulations to Nick, Kevin, Drew, Carin, and Andrew who, along with me, raced in the Farmer’s Market Race to Market Opening Day 5K! I enjoyed leading the warmup and promoting CrossFit Surmount. I didn’t enjoy getting dropped by a boy 37 years my junior. Ha! I’ll settle for the 2nd place finish.

A reminder that The Barbell Club will meet this Tuesday and Thursday and then will go on hiatus until the return of Coach James. Have fun in Australia, James!

CrossFit Surmount is a registered affiliate for the 2016 Lurong Living Summertime ChallengeBe sure to select CrossFit Surmount as your affiliate. Click here for details and be sure to take time to review the three diet levels. We will be completing a workout a week for five weeks beginning the week of May 16.

CrossFit WODs

  • Monday
    • Bar muscle ups
    • Press
    • Triplet
  • Tuesday
    • Handstand walking
    • Front squats
    • Couplet ladder for time
  • Wednesday 
    • Weighted plank holds
    • 21-min couplet
  • Thursday
    • Clean 1RM
    • Heavyish triplet ladder
  • Friday 
    • Hero WOD (with strict ring dips)
  • Saturday 
    • Deadlifts
    • 18-min quartet
  • Sunday
    • Hero WOD

Express WODs

  • Monday
    • Triplet (just 12 minutes or work)
  • Wednesday
    • Triplet for time

Endurance WODs

  • Tuesday
    • Mile time trials (meet at Wimberly entrance of ATT)
  • Thursday
    • Running under distress (meet at Wimberly entrance of ATT)