CrossFit Surmount – Barbell Club

a: Box Squat (6×3,3×1)

3 reps at 25,45,55,62,72, and 80% of BS 1RM

1 rep at 90,93, and 97% of BS 1 RM (16 inch box)

b: Deadlift (6×1)

Establish 1RM for Banded DL; progress weight and bands as appropriate. Record both weight at band used for your records.


A. Reverse Hyperextension 4×8

B. Kneeling Cleans 10-12 reps

C. Toes to Bar 5x 5-8 reps


4 Rounds:

4 Partner Nordic HS Curls

4 Med Ball CJ

4 Single leg box jumps (2 on each side) use an array of plate/box heights