Another week, another humbling Open workout! That was a tough one for sure, that challenged everyone no matter what! Bear crawls in The Open?!? Handstand walks too?!? Ya never know what that Dave Castro will throw at you.  But this week has to have thrusters, right? Or a repeat of another year? We’ll see! Nevertheless, some great performances again this week, and you still have time on Monday to get 18.4 done and entered by 8 pm. 
Have to give a special shout out to Joanna, Robyn, Anna, Natalie, and Chante this afternoon. They were a force to be reckoned with doing 18.4. As they took turns going, the other 4 became the greatest cheerleaders and motivators I may have ever seen. I wish they stayed for me, it would have made a difference. Their support for each other, as far as getting on the ground and doing push-ups together, is truly what CrossFit, and more so, CrossFit Surmount is all about.  It was a truly memorable and energetic Sunday! Thank you! 
Thursday night this past week was awesome, as usual.  Some great chili was on display. Thanks to Wendy, Steve Dodge, Laura, Tom, and Heather for bringing their chilis for all to enjoy.  I tried every one, and they all were so different, yet so good.  I tallied up the votes, and the winners are…..
  • Spiciest – Wendy! Was there any doubt? The only one to receive votes in this category. Yet it was still very tasty! 
  • Most unique – Steve Dodge! Guinness Black Bean Bison Chili, that’s unique alright, and a recipe I’d like to have
  • Overall best – Tom!  The Great White Hope White Chili was a runaway winner

Congrats! And thanks everyone, they were delicious! Each of you earned a bonus spirit point for your team, plus the 3 winners above get an additional 2 for their teams. 

Speaking of spirit, I mean c’mon, 18.4 has to go to The Wodding Crashers! A choreographed entrance, and they had 5 of the 6 spots.  But, I HAVE to give a spirit point to Mark Dixon too! That Ric Flair outfit was the highlight of my day. Wooooooooo! 

Intramural wise, the scores after week 3 are still very tight, so much so, we have a tie! Team Dauntless and Flexual Healing are tied right now. We still have 18.4 to tally, 18.5, and our special 18.6, and then points are awarded for the final standings in The Open, and the Sprit of the Open award!  So there’s still so many points out there for the taking! 
This will be our last week of Thursday Night Lights! We have Jay, Jaclyn, Steve Dodge, Melanie, Mac, and yours truly all competing under the bright lights! 18.5 Thursday Night Lights on March 22nd  wwill again host Adriane from SFH, sampling some top notch and tasty supplements, recovery drinks, fish oils, pre-workout, etc…. And only at CFS, we’ll have 18.6!  What is that? Stay tuned, but it will be a fun social (and still competitive) event to finish up The Open season. Details to come soon…

Congrats to those who completed the Tobacco Trail Half Marathon today, and with weight vests too! Jaclyn, Mike, Steve, Craig, Samantha, and Asia! I heard some impressive times and placings, I know Craig shared on the FB group, and I’m not surprised with the results. The effort at the gym pays off in these sort of events. 

Barbell Club starts again on Tuesday 3/27. This cycle, our Sunday class will start at 10:45 am. Currently there is a wait list, but if you’d like to be on that list, let me know ASAP.  If you are a returning BBC member, please let me know you are in again for this session. 

Programming wise, we are continuing a cycle of using (main site) programming mixed in with CrossFit gymnastics programming before The Open workouts. This programming is a true all encompassing program, and the heart of what CrossFit is all about.  You’ll notice each day will have 2-3 options for the workout.  Don’t feel though you have to pick one exactly.  You and your coach can pick and choose what is going to work best for you. Don’t skip a day that you’re not sure what the movement is or what you can do, those are the days you NEED to come to work on those weaknesses.  Your coaches are there to help you with that.  The workouts ahead are exciting, and I think you’ll all enjoy this direction and the results to follow.

Exciting news about a top notch seminar coming to CFS! A 2017 (and likely 2018) Games competitor, Dan Melzar is coming to us on Saturday April 14th for two, 90 minute clinics on what are likely the two most common goals I hear: pull-ups and muscle-ups.  The first clinic will be designed for handstand positioning, pull-ups, and toes to bar.  Click here to sign up for that one.  The second clinic will be also working on handstand positioning, but also ring and bar muscle-ups. Click here to sign up for that one. These are capped at 20 athletes and about 3/4 filled up in each one, so sign up quick to get in on an amazing opportunity to learn from the best!

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This week….


  • Double “girl” WOD


  • Fast and heavy with the barbell, then some core work


  • Core and gymnastic metcon


  • Clean and jerks; then a midline/core tabata


  • 18.5….who knows????


  • Subject to change based on 18.5, but a 2 person team metcon with ascending movements, including some burpees and dumbbells


  • Endurance Sunday – rowing intervals ascending, then descending