CFS – CrossFit

Metcon (Time)

In TEAMS of 3 or 4
– 1600m row; one team member must be in the plank the entire row

– 20/15 wall ball shots each; relay (20/14)

– 40 unison sit-ups; arms interlaced

– 20/15 shoulder to overhead each; relay (115/93)

– 40 unison American KB swings (53/44)

– 1600m run; one team member must hold barbell at full extension, e.g., like at top of dead-lift (115/93)

– 20 box jumps each; one rep/team member at a time (24/20)

– 20 unison burpees with forward facing jump over parallette
Coaches will discuss requirements for each team, e.g., weight and height of wall ball, height of box jump, etc.