WOD for Saturday, June 8

WODs at 8:45 & 10 am
FREE Community WOD from 11 to 11:45

Uhm, who among us is suffering from a little bit of road rash in the region of the butt cheeks? I used Bodyglide but it didn’t seem to help as much as it has in the past. True story.

Dead-lifting 3 heavy reps is quite different than merely dead-lifting 1 heavy rep. Nice work, athletes!

As your skills improve we’ll continue to do more benchmark WODs. “Annie” is one of the relatively easy benchmarks. Wait until we do “Fran”, “Cindy”, or (my favorite) “Chelsea”!

Overhead squat (OHS) OR snatch
Establish 1RM

Most of you (including yours truly) will be focusing on the OHS in the coming weeks. For more seasoned athletes (I’m talking to you Jay and Josh) your focus will be on the technically demanding snatch.

Regardless, we will all be completing the Burgener warmup. I encourage you to watch the first 3 1/2 minutes of this video.

For the OHS, focus on armpits forward and elbowpits (if armpits is one word so should elbowpits so I refuse to hyphenate) toward the ceiling. Descend in control and drive out of the bottom.

For the snatch, focus on full extension as well as quickly dropping under the bar. There are so very many things to focus on that we’ll just begin with those two.

10 back squats (115/83)
10 pull-ups
10 front squats (105/73)
10 dips
10 power cleans (95/63) 
10 hand release pushups

20-minute time cap

Yes, the bar will start from the floor. Yes, you’ll be responsible for removing weight from the bar. Yes, you may scale up or down. Yes, I’m a good listener.

Focus on form and make every rep count.