CrossFit Surmount – CrossFit

Metcon (Weight)

Every 90 seconds for 10 rounds (15 minutes)

-Squat clean

-Split jerk

-Back squat
Touch and go at floor only. Even a re-grip off the floor is a foul. No dumping.

Increase weight as form and execution improve.

Metcon (Time)

With 1 or 2 partner(s)

Farmer’s carry 1.5 mile
Prescribed weights:

2 (or 3) males | 53#

1 (or 2) male(s) + 1 (or 2) female(s) | 44#

2 (or 3) females | 35#

Only ONE KB per team.

The KB may NOT touch the ground. If the KB touches the ground all team members must complete (upon completing 1.5 mile) 5 burpees for each time this occurs, e.g., 10 burpees if the KB touches the ground 2 times. Time may be called once all burpees have been completed.

Partners may take as many turns carrying the KB as needed and need not traverse same distance carrying KB.