"Linda." That was tough.

“Linda.” That was tough.

Luke comforts Evelyn. She needed it.

Luke comforts Evelyn. She needed it.

WOD for Monday, August 11, 2014

WODs at 6, 7, 8:30, 9:30 & 11:45 am and 4, 5:15, 6:30, & 7:30 pm
Boot Camp at 6:30 pm

10 rounds: 15 seconds work, 30 seconds rest (7 minutes total)
Complete as many pushups as possible during each 15-second round

Complete weighted, decline, incline, clapping (in front or behind back), diamond (tricep), or one-armed pushups. You may not complete handstand pushups.

You may “mix and match” pushups, although you must complete the same type of pushup each 15-second interval. Leave a little in the tank for what’s coming up next.


“Death by Pull-ups”
Complete 1 pull-up on the first minute, 2 on the second minute, 3 on the third minute, etc., until you are no longer able to complete required reps within the minute.

We last competed this workout December of last year.

If necessary, tape and/or chalk your hands. You may used mixed grip but may not complete chin-ups. Scale as necessary.